The Release of React 16.9

The Release of React 16.9

The much-awaited version - 16.9 of React is now finally made available for the users. The update includes a list of new enhancing features, some bug fixes and several new deprecation warnings, which will further aid the future major releases. 

Let us share a list of major improvements and bug fixes that needs to be mentioned here. 

  • Renaming unsafe lifecycle methods 

  • Deprecating javascript: URLs

  • Deprecating ‘Factory’ Components 

  • Introducing Async act() for Testing

  • Introducing Performance Measurements with <React.Profiler>

  • Bug fixing the memory leak issue caused by retaining deleted subtrees 

  • Bug fixing the infinite loop caused by setState in useEffect

Apart from the aforementioned changes and improvements, React 16.9 comes loaded with several other features too. In order to explore them in-depth, visit the news source link shared below.

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