Release of Vue CLI 3.0

Vue CLI 3.0

The official release of Vue CLI 3.0 was announced on 10th August 2018, by team Vue and the founder of Vue Technology LLC - Evan You. Vue CLI is meant to provide a pre-configured build setup in order to cut down on the time and energy spend by developers on the lengthy process of configuration. And this, being the latest version, accelerates the development of Vue.js.


The release of Vue CLI 3.0 comes with a list of newly added features, which speeds up the development process. Here share a few prominent ones from that list:

  • A powerful and extensible version that doesn’t require to be ejected from the CLI

  • A powerful GUI for smoothens up the configuration of Vue project for using Vue CLI plugins

  • Manage all the project’s NPM package dependencies with the help of an intuitive package search, directly from your development machine

  • Run the project tasks from UI

  • Instant and rapid component prototyping using Vue serve

You can explore, understand and install this particular release from here. Extensive details on this release, shared by Evan You, can be found here. A handful of other information regarding Vue CLI 3.0 can be found on the news source mentioned below.

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