The Release of WordPress 5.2 "Jaco"

The Release of WordPress 5.2 "Jaco"

WordPress 5.2 has recently been released by the name of ‘Jaco’. The name has been adopted in the honour of the renowned and revolutionary Jazz bassist, Jaco Pastorius. This version of WordPress is now available on the WordPress Dashboard and can easily be downloaded/updated from there. Fixing your site becomes easier with the news feature that comes with this version update.

This very version of WordPress comes loaded with several such futuristic and user-friendly tools that will help you grab the right information about the site when needed. Let us share a handful of these tools in brief with you:

  • Site Health Checker

  • PHP Error Protection

The site also comes with other improvements like Accessibility Updates, New Dashboard Icons, and Plugin Compatibility Checks; in addition to other updates for developers. To explore more about the updates of this version, click on the news source link shared below.

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