Release of Yii 1.1.20

Release of Yii 1.1.20

The Yii framework has finally out with its latest release of version 1.1.20. This very release is now compatible with PHP 7.2, against the older version was just able to sync with PHP 7. It also keeps the servers PHP version up to date, where the older version-based applications are hosted.


Applications build in Yii 1.1 also can use Yii 2.0 for developing new features instead of upgrading the entire app in Yii 2.0. This will keep your application up to date without incurring extra cost and time.


The release also includes a handful of PHP 7 compatibility fixes and elevation on the security front. The entire list of updates is mentioned here. The updates made in this very version is a result of contribution from a bunch of contributors listed.


Upgrading to this latest version of the Yii framework is highly recommended. If you’re looking to upgrade, here’s the link to download it. For more details, visit the news source mentioned below.

News Source: Yii Framework News