Tailwind 1.0.0 Beta Release

Tailwind 1.0.0 Beta Release

Tailwind 1.0.0 beta is finally here leading up to the upcoming 1.0.0 stable version. These Tailwind beta releases are considered as a stable base to build on. No significant changes will be done between now and the final stable release. Check out The Road to Tailwind CSS v1.0, where Adam talks about the release.

If you have existing applications using Tailwind, then you can go through the v1.0.0-beta.1 release notes which includes detailed release notes to help you upgrade to the latest 1.0.0 beta release.

Here are the new features found in Tailwind 1.0.0 beta:

  • New config file structure: #637, Sample
  • New expanded default color palette: #737
  • New default maxWidth scale: #701
  • Default variant output position can be customized: #657
  • Extended default line-height scale: #673
  • Extended default letter-spacing scale: #671
  • object-position utilities are now customizable under theme.objectPosition: #676
  • cursor utilities are now customizable under theme.cursors: #679
  • flex-grow/shrink utilities are now customizable under theme.flexGrow/flexShrink: #690
  • Added utilities for list-style-type and list-style-position: #761
  • Added break-all utility: #763    

News Source: https://tinyurl.com/yy4bf2zu