Upgradation in Amazon Web Services

Upgradation in Amazon Web Services

One of the big & trusted names in cloud computing services. Amazon Web Services has recently announced a host of new upgradations in it. Jeff Baff, the VP of AWS Evangelist has recently spoke about the host of updates made in AWS in a recent video. Let us give you an overview of these updates made in AWS, recently.

  • EC2 Instance Update: New types and sizes of instances, which are faster than before. It also comes in two more sizes, viz. M5 & R5. 

  • Control Tower Service: It comes loaded with features like multiple accounts, single sign-on, federated access, cross-account security audits, et al. Moreover, you can also listen to their best practices and all of it is super easy to use. 

  • VPC Traffic Mirroring: It helps in capturing & inspecting the network traffic at scale, detect network & security anomalies. You can also create sessions that use the source, target & filter as selected by you. 

Apart from the above-mentioned updates made in Amazon Web Services, the new list of AWS updates also includes a broad set of partnered open source tools and much more. To learn more about it, click on the news source link shared below: 

News Source Link: http://bit.ly/2Lb8fsX