About This Project

Just like the quote, the company itself relies on & which says, “Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.”here is ‘Regulated’ for all your fund recovery solutions (specialised in crypto-currency related business transactions.)as well as for performing the core Due-Diligence procedures for different businesses/industries around.

We precisely hosted the web-site for the company with all the required levels of delicacy & formal aspects (to be kept in mind)



  • We hosted the site on AWS. And on the basis of the codes enhanced by the client, the setup was created on the platform of ‘Devops’ which includes developmental as well as production servers.
  • The plan was handled and well-managed through GIT/Github at the base.
  • Generated ‘FREE SSL’ certificate with Let's Encrypt and added it to both the sites i.e. on developmental as well as the live site. Along with which created backup policies for the live site in order to take-up the backup of codes on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • In order to update the codes automatically on both developmental & production servers, we built CI/CD pipelines for the project due to which the changes can be seen on early basis on sites. 
  • With all the above crucial features we also used redis-caching in order to improve sites’ overall performance which at the end gives the best of the best end-results.