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The Business Needs

A deep dive into DONN Clothing’s pain points.

“Can we keep the business model intact and upgrade the front-end as well as back-end of the website?” - that was the primary concern of team DONN Clothing. Their existing website was stacked on python technology. Also, the site was highly vulnerable and didn’t stand out.

Furthermore, the existing website had many technical issues, i.e., version conflicts of the tech stack, non-standard website code, and much more. Since the eCommerce site was the only source of income for the client, it was necessary to transform the non-functional site into a revenue-making website. The client needed to come over some of the critical challenges like:


  • Lack of support in Python to integrate advanced eCommerce features.
  • Lack of advanced plugins and functionalities to match up with the latest eCommerce trends.
  • Lack of top-notch security measures to safeguard the website against intrusion or hack attempts.
  • An old design lacks effective engagement with the audience.
  • Bring innovative features and boost the performance of its online store.


ABOUT DONN Clothing: It is a well-known UK-based quality vintage & second-hand clothing specialist. Established 2019 in Colchester, DONN Clothing provides some of the finest globally-sourced, hand-picked vintage and designer menswear. Focussing on long lasting quality and timeless style, a clothing brand stocks a wide-ranging collection of 80s & 90s sportswear, rave wear, streetwear, true vintage classics, utilitarian staples and quality contemporary fashion.

Our Approach

Sneak peek into how AddWeb Solution helped DONN Clothing

Once the project was on-boarded, the main challenge for the AddWeb Solution team was to upgrade their front-end to the latest technology and migrate their Python back-end platform. 

After long brainstorming and project planning sessions, we could shed more light on the approach to kick start the project. We followed an agile approach to simplify the task into three parts: Front-end upgrade, Back-end platform migration, and the overall enhancement of the DONN Clothing store in terms of features and security aspects.


To meet the client’s requirement, AddWeb Solution decided to move ahead with the task of the overall modernization of the backend and frontend technology stack with the help of VueStorefront 2 and Magento. The overall squad for the project aligned, which included UI/UX experts, VueStorefront2 developers, QA professionals, and Magento developers to manage the overall frontend and backend development & migrations activities.


Furthermore, we take care of the payment gateway integration as a part of the eCommerce store development.



Team Members


Man Days


Features Enhanced


Client Calls


The journey towards technology upgrades and advanced features

The major goal of team DONN Clothing was the front-end upgrade, platform shift, and top-notch security along with advanced features and exceptional user experience. AddWeb Solution has taken utmost precision during the technology stack upgrade and followed security best practices with advanced features and launched a whole new eCommerce site from with advanced features, scaled existing core functionalities of the site, and a whole new look and feel of the site that smoothly works across all the devices with modern front-end architecture. We migrated their entire product database from Python to Magento directly through API to reduce effort and time.

Striking Features

A bird’s eye view of top-notch features of DONN Clothing

eCommerce Store Screenshots

Getting into the reborn DONN Clothing Store

DONNClothing Website UI
DONNClothing Website Cart
DONNClothing Website Product Dwtail
DONNClothing Website Shipping
DONNClothing Website Product Listing
DONNClothing Website Home Page
DONNClothing Website Registration
DONNClothing Website Login

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work

The major challenges we had with our existing website were its usability and security issues, and technology stack. Even though we were pretty different from the others in the niche, we were struggling to promote our offerings effectively and gain momentum. All thanks to the AddWeb Solution team who understood our pain point and helped us get an enhanced DONN Clothing website specifically designed keeping in mind our business needs and overcoming the challenges we faced.

Henry Lynn


Final Outcome

Glimpse of unmatched outcome

The client witnessed an engaging and modern eCommerce solution with all the necessary upgrades and desired features. With a custom theme and attractive new features, the DONN Clothing site has witnessed a massive difference in how they do business. Not just the front-end but the back-end implemented robustly has helped DONN Clothing to avoid any security breaches.


After phase-I, the DONN Clothing and AddWeb Solution teams are planning for another milestone. The experts from AddWeb Solution will help DONN Clothing with front-end and back-end enhancements along with some of the key integrations with Google product lists and Facebook product catalogs for remarketing and a lot more existing stuff.



Revenue Increased


User Engagement Increased


Organic Traffic Increased


Website Security Increased


Reduced Backend Management Time

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