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Drupal Ladder

About This Project

With the idea of having 1% of Drupal community contributing to the core, Drupal is here with an engaging platform named ‘Drupalladder’. The platform basically works with the motto of “By the community, For the community, & To the community.” i.e. a platform which works as a hinge for learnings and materials to help people learn about & contribute to Drupal.

The name says it all i.e. it works as a ladder (step by step) and for which the platform gets further divided into four major parts for different purposes which are Title, Description, Video, & Pictures (Images).



A Mentor-Mentee Relationship:-

We created a backend with Drupal 8 which helps any user to get him/her registered & helps them to create ladders which means creating steps having any of the three (Content text, Code, or a Video) for an explanation of any related topics.

The Creation:-

Once a ladder is created, the admin can review it, make all the reliable tests possible & then can get it published. Only after it’s published, the users of the portal can review them on the basis of their requirements.

The Learnings:-

The users will be able to review & mark them as completed (once they are done with it). Marking the ladders as completed means the users have completely understood the topic depicted.

Post-learning Procedures:-

Right after the initial learnings, the users then directly get redirected to the pending step-page from the ladder on logging it again. Any user can edit the ladder and can add more information about the topic but only after owner’s approval & will be seen by everyone on the platform. This in particular can be called a ‘version control’ feature.

Other Miscellaneous:-

With React.js in frontend, we are still up with the planning-process of building-up two modes which are Basic and Premium(paid) modes for different requirements. With which we have covered several features for proper & precise CMS. we also have built follow & unfollow concepts for the same.