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The Business Needs

Learning about what the client was looking for in our Drupal development services.

The client wanted to migrate their existing website to Drupal 7 while giving it a new look and a few more features. All these were aimed at making the website perform better and improving the site’s user experience. The client needed to work with an expert Drupal migration agency they can rely on to:

  • Migrate their website to Drupal 7 quickly.
  • Make their website more SEO-friendly.
  • Carry out e-commerce integration.
  • Improve the user experience on the site.
  • Make the site more accessible for the admin to manage.
  • Add few new features to an existing site.
  • Ensure effective content management.


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Our Approach

What was the approach that AddWeb Solution adopted to help RedLion?

Right from the beginning of the project, we realized that a customized approach is the best course of action. Our experience delivering impressive Drupal development services convinced us that this approach suits the client’s needs. Hence, we analyzed the website’s performance to understand the current version and user experience. This helped us know where the site is performing well and where it is not. It gave us the insights we needed to make the website better.


As part of the project execution strategy, we knew that following an agile development methodology is the most suitable as it is a custom project. This would give us ample opportunities to make changes. Once we understood the deliverables of the project, we developed a clear blueprint for the project execution.


We then constituted an adept team of UI experts, Drupal professionals, QAs, etc. The team was well-balanced, with both backend and frontend professionals who ensured the project was in the best hands.


Having set the stage right for the project, we quickly started working:



Team Members


Man Hours


New Functionalities Added


Client Calls


How AddWeb Solution helped our client exceed their Drupal migration expectations.

As we developed a helpful blueprint for the project, our Drupal development team began working on the project as quickly as possible. Our immediate concern was to evaluate the gap in the existing design and address the same. We relied on our UI experts, who trusted in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They created an impeccable UI that everyone loved and felt adequate for the brand and its audience. The focus was ensuring a seamless user experience on all devices and platforms. We used a custom bootstrap theme as specified by the client.


After finalizing the site's design and UX, we next focused on developing the site. Apart from migrating the site to Drupal 7, we also emphasized making it easy for the client to manage content from the backend. We also integrated a payment gateway into the website and an e-commerce platform to make the e-commerce offerings even better and more user-friendly. Our Drupal development services for the client also included ensuring content type management for family content and portfolio pages. As the site needed SEO, it was agreed to be carried out as an ongoing assignment.


Once the development and design stage was completed, we had a series of discussions with the client to ensure that all deliverables were met without fail. We also conducted an extensive testing session to understand the website's performance as intended. Apart from a few hiccups addressed immediately, the site performed exceptionally well. This made the client very happy and ecstatic.

Striking Features

Our Drupal development team added a few essential features to the website in our efforts to make the site better


Take a look at the site's screenshots to understand how it was implemented

ReadLion About Us Page
ReadLion Buy Page
ReadLion Casestudy Page
ReadLion Contact Us Page
ReadLion Home Page
ReadLion Resources Page
ReadLion Solutions Page
ReadLion Support Page
ReadLion transportation Page
ReadLion User Account Page

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After testing the website, the client shared us with the following feedback

We are delighted with the project; it came out better than expected. Before coming to AddWeb, we discussed the project with several other Drupal development agencies. But we are happy we went with you. You have been professional, understanding, and patient with us, and we thank you. Your professional insights and expertise have greatly helped our journey to help our clients. Our employees have loved the look and performance of the website, and we are confident that our users will have an even better experience with our website. We will recommend your Drupal development services to everyone.

Donn Kline


Final Outcome

Want to know how the website performed after its revamp by us?

Once the client launched the website, it performed exceptionally well. The number of visitors increased, and the time spent by the visitors on the site also improved. This significantly boosted the conversion rate, which made the client very happy. The site also experienced a reduction in abandoned carts, which can be directly attributed to better UI and check-out processes.



Increased Unique Visitors


Increased Sessions


Decreased Cart Abandonment Rate


Increased Revenue

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