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The Business Needs

Figuring out what TuCO2 was looking for with their app redesigning.

The core goal of the client was to give their existing app a new look and feel and cater to the UX needs of their increasing, new users. Therefore, the client needed to work with an experienced Flutter development agency that could pull off this project quickly. They needed a Flutter development agency to:


  1. Redesign the application from scratch
  2. Keep the existing features but improve them.
  3. Develop the app keeping in mind the new user requirements.
  4. Add some new features

About TuCO2: TuCO2 is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated app to help travelers calculate and offset their trip’s carbon footprint. The primary goal of this scientifically proven app is to help travelers ensure that their journeys are carbon-neutral! There is no doubt that traveling creates carbon emissions. One of the best ways to counter this is to take advantage of carbon offsets so travelers can compensate for their carbon footprint. Users can do that by participating in and supporting projects that help in environment protection, carbon emission reduction, clean energy transition, etc. TuCO2 lists carbon offsets from certified projects listed on the UN’s Carbon Offset Platform.

Our Approach

How we approached strategizing and executing the project.

AddWeb Solution has previously worked with hundreds of clients and delivered comprehensive app redesigning and revamping services. However, with TuCO2, we realized that gaining insights into the app's current performance, audience, and user experience is vital to creating an even better app. We also decided to analyze the users' pain points and performance bottlenecks in the app to address the same. After conducting the preliminary research, we gained answers to our questions related to the performance of the app. Based on this, we created a project strategy and execution blueprint.


Since the project involved design and development, we knew the agile development methodology was the best for the project's efficient completion. The methodology will also help the team make quick changes if the client gives any.


After finalizing the plan and scope of the project, we then decided to create the right talent pool to complete the project. Hence, we decided to develop the team with a few Flutter experts for the front end and Laravel experts for the back end. The team also included designers, strategists, and QAs to ensure the app's performance.


Once the path was set, our team started working on the project right away:



Team Members


Man Hours


New Functionalities Added


Client Calls


How AddWeb resolved the core pain points of the client through the project.

Based on the project strategy we developed, our Flutter development team started working on the project quickly. We focused on nailing the app's design at the start, as we knew user experience was one of the core deliverables of the project. And we also realized the importance of getting the design right to deliver top-notch, intuitive app experiences for its users. However, we worked on the design around the website's existing theme as required by the client.


After completing the design, the development started. While we kept most of the app's features, the focus was on optimizing each feature for better performance and usability. We also tweaked the pages to improve navigation and app access. Apart from the users, our focus included the app's admins and created the dashboard to streamline app management.


Once the design and development were completed, we had a long and interactive session with the client to ensure the deliverables were on point. The client had a few suggestions, and we made the changes quickly to wrap up the project. As a reliable Flutter development agency, we also carried out app testing as part of our app development services. As the app performed well during the tests, we finalized the app for client delivery.

Striking Features

Our Flutter app development team added the following features to the client app.


Look at the screenshots of the site to know how it was realized.

TuCO2 Flutter app about us
TuCO2 Flutter app details
TuCO2 Flutter app billing
TuCO2 Flutter app blog listing
TuCO2 Flutter app calculation history
TuCO2 Flutter app contact us
TuCO2 Flutter app dashboard
TuCO2 Flutter app donation project listing
TuCO2 Flutter app forgot password
TuCO2 Flutter app hamburger
TuCO2 Flutter app home screen
TuCO2 Flutter app password reset
TuCO2 Flutter app profile
TuCO2 Flutter app result
TuCO2 Flutter app splash

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After delivering the app to the client, our client was ecstatic and shared the following:

Deciding to work with you is one of our best decisions regarding this project. We are delighted with how you understood our requirements at the first instance itself. The app performs exceptionally well, and our employees loved how seamless and intuitive the app has become after the revamp. We are sure that our existing and new users will love to use the app and become a part of the larger mission to travel responsibly and save the world. We recommend the Flutter development services offered by AddWeb Solution to everyone.

Georgios Konstantzos


Final Outcome

Would you like to know the outcome of the project? Let’s find out.

After launching the website, the app has seen a surge in usage and download. This indicated that the users had accepted the change wholeheartedly. The signup on the app and donations have also drastically improved. The client also found that some inactive users became active on the new app, making the revamp a rousing success for the brand.



Increased App Downloads


Increased Sessions


Increased Donation


Increased App’s User Engagement

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