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Continuous Delivery with Drupal - The Need of the Hour!

Continuous Delivery - A trending word in the world of technology. Continuous Delivery(CD), along with Continuous Integration(CI), is becoming a popular term even with the non-technical people.


Proxying Packages with GitHub Package Registry

A few months back GitHub announced GitHub Package Registry, a package management service that makes it easy for you to publish public or private packages easy next to your source mode. This release has a couple of glitches attached to it. Addressing the same, we’re happy to announce the proxy support for the primary npm registry.

As a part of the enhancement process and…

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GitHub Sponsors got an upgrade with a new Stripe Connect integration

GitHub recent news release accelerates the GitHub Sponsors beta with Stripe Connect. Thousands of people had signed up for the waitlist from all over the world, this is certainly a notable upgrade. Earlier everything was a manual process whether it’s about setting up account information, verifying identity, running reports and processing payouts across multiple departments which led set a…

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Built-in CI/CD in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions -  an API for cause and effect on GitHub, now finally comes with integrated CI/CD! The much-awaited announcement has created a wave of excitement amongst all the developers. This one is a beta version, while the final product is expected to be launched around 13th November 2019. To sign up for this beta version of GitHub Actions,…

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The Release of Docker Enterprise 3.0

The one-of-its-kind desktop-to-cloud enterprise platform, as claimed by Docker, the Docker Enterprise 3.0 has recently hit the tech-market. This very platform by Docker enables the organisations to build, share & run any application from anywhere without losing out on the security. This is possible with the help of the hybrid cloud to the edge.

Docker also organised a…

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The Release of Docker 19.03.0 Beta1

The Docker community recently released its new version - 19.03.0 Beta1. This one comprises of a host of exciting & futuristic features. The prime-most four features of Docker 19.03.0 Beta1 are - Support for Fast Context Switching, Introducing Rootless Docker, Sysctl Support for Swarm Services and Added-Device Support for Microsoft Windows. 

Docker 19.03.0 Beta1…

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Just like the quote, the company itself relies on & which says, “Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.”here is ‘Regulated’ for all your fund recovery solutions (specialised in crypto-currency related business transactions.)as well as for performing the core Due-Diligence procedures for different businesses/industries around.

We precisely hosted the web-site…

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