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Boost Your Business with PWA!

We address the questions that matter the most and one such burning question, in today’s tech-world, is how investing in a particular technology can benefit one's business.

PWA - The Clone Child of the Web & the Mobile Application!

It may seem to you that PWA is a distant cousin of PDA. But no, both of them belongs to a two entirely different set of clans and has nothing common between each other.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Ionic reigning the world of mobile application development with its hybrid feature. Multiple reasons make Ionic Hybrid Mobile App Development the best one, know those reasons here:

Integrate In Ionic 3

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to Integrate using Ionic 3. In ionic app development, gives real-time two directional event-based communication. Read this blog which helps you to increase your knowledge of and ionic mobile app development.

How to Add Reminder in Ionic 2

If you don’t know yet that you can put a reminder in your calendar application, using Ionic, you surely need to read this blog. Click on it and learn a few steps for setting up a reminder in you app using Ionic!

Ionic 3 Using Google Map API

Google Maps API will be used to display the maps. There are a lot of things you can do with the maps API like find the nearby places, get the direction between two places etc.

Multilingual with Ionic

The Multi-language functionality gives you a facility to have your ionic application in more than one languages.

In this part of the blog, we will be going to explain how you can include translations facility to your application.

We use for translation language ngx-translate npm plugin.


It is an npm plugin that is used for…

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Push Notification Using FCM

A Notification is required in our daily routine life. Moreover, getting it from a mobile device is also required in today’s busy life. There are two types of such notifications.

Audio Player With Ionic

Nowadays many applications are having other source of medium to show the information to the users other than text. For example, video and audio. In this article let’s focus on having audio player in your ionic application. An audio player for Ionic works with HTML5 audio or native audio using Cordova Media plugin. It creates an interface to the cordova-media plugin including a service that…

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