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Implement Multiselect Tag Input

Ionic tagging is most beautiful textbox (component) in the application. Basically, this component is used for filtering the data. In E-commerce application where the user needs to filter data from a large number of categories, we can use this. Some of the examples are Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

The Tagging component looks like autocomplete textbox but the major difference is that…

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Admob Work in Ionic App Development

The guide is for mobile application developer. For making some money out of your application google ads are the best to have them in it. Ionic have the feature support for displaying google ads using AdMob plugin and in that way helps you get the revenue from your application.

Here, I will explain you the steps for configuring the AdMob account for your application.

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Leaflet map integration in the Ionic app

Introduction of leaflet map

Leaflet is a open source javascript library for mobile friendly interactive maps it has most mapping feature that developer had needed.
We can also use leaflet map in websites. Here I will show you how to develop ionic app with the integration of leaflet map. I have used leaflet map in ionic application for finding location, know…

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Autocomplete In Angularjs

The Autocomplete textbox is used for providing a suggestion…

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Ionic framework has recently released its latest version - Ionic 4.0. It has been announced to be a version for everyone. There has been an immense amount of hard work has gone behind the transformation of Ionic from mobile to Angular. It comes with a powerful UI design system as well as the app framework which is apt for all the app developers across the world.

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We are happy and proud to announce the launch of our own brand new, attractive and user-friendly UI Ionic application for one to one messaging. This app having multiple features and more secure...!

Addweb Chat application contains seven main style screens for one to 1 chatting. The user will simply login employing a phone number and…

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AEDU Parent App & AEDU Driver App

AEDU Parent App & AEDU Driver App is a part of AEDU - a school management software built by AddWeb. The Parent app is specially crafted for parents, who can keep a track of their kids’ school activity; even if kids are from different schools. The Driver app offers features like live route tracking, multiple routes & vehicles, et al.…

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AddWeb Chat

AddWeb Chat is an Ionic-based chat application for one-on-one chatting build by AddWeb. Ionic version 3 is used to create this hybrid mobile application, which is built with the use of Angular, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and Typescript. Also, the information of the app is saved on firebase platform, which confirms the high security of the data.

Self Coaching Scholars

This is an application built in Ionic, In this app user who has joined Self Coaching Scholars can login to the App after downloading to access all the features of the program, such as the weekly coaching videos and audios, monthly homework videos and workbooks, all the Assets provided as bonus courses, Ask Brooke, and more.…

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