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Vue Devtools 5.0

Here comes the Vue DevTools 5.0. Guillaume Chau recently announced the release of Vue DevTools 5.0 for Chrome & FireFox.
You can install the Vue.js Devtools extension for both Chrome and …

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Tailwind 1.0.0 Beta Release

Tailwind 1.0.0 beta is finally here leading up to the upcoming 1.0.0 stable version. These Tailwind beta releases are considered as a stable base to build on. No significant changes will be done between now and the final stable release. Check out The Road to Tailwind CSS v1.0, where Adam talks about the release.…

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The Release of Laravel 5.7.26

Laravel has recently released its latest and updated version as Laravel 5.7.26. The update comes with a new pipeline method along with a method to temporarily bypass the model events. Let us share an overview of what this updated version of Laravel has brought along with it.

  • The new pipeline method by the name of ‘thenReturn’ has…

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Laravel Nova

A long-awaited release of Laravel Nova is out now, just when the release of Laravel 5.7 is due. Laravel Nova is compatible with both the versions of Laravel, 5.6 and also the upcoming release of 5.7. The launch of Laravel Nova comes with two pre-site options of Solo and Pro, each with their individual prices.

Both the versions of…

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Vue CLI 3.0

The official release of Vue CLI 3.0 was announced on 10th August 2018, by team Vue and the founder of Vue Technology LLC - Evan You. Vue CLI is meant to provide a pre-configured build setup in order to cut down on the time and energy spend by developers on the lengthy process of configuration. And this, being the latest version, accelerates the development of Vue.js.


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Laravel 5.6.30

The security issues in Laravel v5.6.30 and v5.5.42 has been resolved and the updated versions of the both have been recently released. The upgrade of the same has been recommended by the team in order to encash the benefits of improved security.


The security upgrade comprises of several changes and updates made, of which we present you with a few prominent…

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Maizzle Email Framework

The all-new Maizzle email framework is meant for a rapid HTML based email development. It is a static site generator designed to create an HTML based email. Powered by Jigsaw and Tailwind CSS, Maizzle is meant to create a solid workflow for email development.

Creating emails on Maizzle is quite easy with…

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Laravel Forge

‘Learn Laravel Forge’ is a recently introduced video course to help you learn to build and to configure servers with Laravel Forge. The video course series consists of about 20 such videos by the expert instructor Marcel Pociot himself. The series of these videos are available for free on Laracast.


‘Learn Laravel Forge’ is beneficial to both, the beginners…

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Composer v1.6.4

The Composer team released v1.6.4 and it includes a security fix so all users are encouraged to upgrade and it also includes fixes for almost 200 different issues.

Here are the highlight of the changes:

  • Security fixes in some edge case scenarios, recommended update for all users
  • Improved performance of subversion repos
  • Fixed…
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Laravel Excel 3

Laravel Excel 3.0 is now released and this version principally focuses on exports and creating it as easy as potential and could be a complete break from previous versions. Here are a number of the highlights from this release:

  • Easily export collections to Excel
  • Export queries with automatic chunking for better performance
  • Queue exports for…
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