Technology: Laravel



Stacash is an Affiliate Network Website. Wherein any user can register as an affiliate and share the offer to their social network and earn a good amount of money. We implemented IMAGE PIXEL TRACKING and our future vision is to implement Postback Tracking (i.e. Server 2 Server). Technologies used are Laravel, PHP, Bootstrap and Voyager. We are currently working on its enhancements.

Laravel Development

We rescued this Laravel project and did patches work on the bad code structure from the previous vendor. This website to get your best Stylist and enjoy the flawless services. A complexed featured website where we had Role-based access to Salon and Stylist, the visitor(s) can select their own choice of stylist and salon. Can provide feedback/reviews too.


A neat and clean responsive website hosted on Digital Ocean. This is an online learning tool which provides online testing skills and many complex features. 

  • Payment Gateways: Paypal and
  • Youtube video integration

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Laravel Development

We built in Laravel. The core platform is desktop, so larger screen width. We made this website run fast and be optimized. The main functionality of this Website was for tracking and reporting purpose. 

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