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An Introduction to the world of OctoberCMS Widgets

Highly customizable, easy to use, robust security and breakthrough performance, are a handful of many reasons that works behind the popularity of OctoberCMS.

Create your Custom Theme in Silverstripe

The business market that you stand in today is not anymore just limited to your locality, state or even your country. It’s a global market today that you’re competing with, no matter what industry do you belong to. In order to stand out and be recognized in such a crowded-global market, one needs to be extraordinary in all possible facets. And your website is one such most significant facet…

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Silverstripe is one small community that is remarkably growing with the passing time. And AddWeb, having sensed its strength, had picked it quite some time back. Just after having worked on a handful of Silverstripe projects, we started giving it back to the community in whichever way that we can - modules, patches, blogs, et al. Yes, previously also we’ve shared SilverStripe Blogs on the rich…

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Laravel Web Development Services

Laravel is one of the best PHP based framework of recent times. Plus, it's growing immensely in terms of quality and popularity and how! Read what makes it such a big hit!



Use AJAX With Yii 1.1

This blog intends to provide an exhaustive guide on how to use Ajax in Yii 1.1- Yii development service. Ajax makes the process much easier and faster. Generally, Ajax works similarly in Yii as it does in PHP and other frameworks. 

Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin

Voyager is a BREAD builder package for Laravel. Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with it, after reading this blog you have better information regarding voyager and it's features. Voyager is an essential tool for your success in Laravel.

AJAX into WordPress

Ajax is powerful JavaScript based technology which enables the website to dynamically fetch data and show data without refreshing page. This will provide more speed up website and great user experience.

Ajax with WordPress

Ajax technology is being used by all types of websites and also into WordPress.
Currently, the core of WordPress uses ajax only into…

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OctoberCMS - How Component works?

What is Component?

A component is a part or identifiable of larger program or construction of web application. A component is a nontrivial, nearly independent, and replaceable part of a system that fulfills a clear function in the context of a well-defined architecture.

Usually, a component provides a particular function or group of related functions.…

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Multistep Form Using Ajax

Don't want long forms on your website? Convert it into multi-step form, as it is more convenient and provides step by step procedure to follow by user. This blog will provide a way to create of multi step form using ajax.
1. Create a menu item using hook_menu()

* Implementation of hook_menu().
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Disable WordPress automatic update email notification

As we all know WordPress, by default sends an email notification to user that WordPress site is updated. Some time user have multiple WordPress sites so they get notification from each site. 

Now, let me guide you to how you can disable update email notification. We have two methods to disable WordPress update email notification:

Method 1: Disable…

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