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change Admin URL in wordpress

Let's have a quick walk through regarding changing Admin URL with WordPress. As we all know that Wordpress provides us less security compare to other CMS and Frameworks. So, in this case, to protect our website from hackers we need to perform several processes like protect admin area, give less primitives to database etc.

If you have a WordPress site, then it is very easy to access…

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Guide to customize google map style and custom zoom bar

Google map theming and configuration with custom zoom controls, please follow the below details:

Styling google map allows us to change standard google map style and customize maps visual display like road, water, park and etc.

To make changes in standard google map style, we can use json array as per below:

var styledMapType = new…
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Laravel based CMS - OctoberCMS

Let's have a quick introduction of OctoberCMS.

OctoberCMS is a free, open source and lightweight Laravel based framework. Father of October CMS is "Alexey Bobkov" and "Samuel Georges", a dual-skilled duo in programming and UX design from Canada and Australia.

To build Web applications without any restriction on page structure, HTML, CSS and Design Markup. It…

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Web Push Notification

As in android/iOS, in web app also we can have a push notification, in this blog you will learn step by step guide for creating a web notification for your website.

It is combination of Javascript and scripting language that your site uses, generally PHP.

=> Notification object properties are described below.

Methods, Properties, and Events: 

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Wordpress Toolset Types plugin

The power of "Toolset Types" plugin is to customize the WordPress admin by adding custom content types, custom fields and custom taxonomies.

"Toolset Types" plugin provides an Simple GUI for Non-Programmers and Wide range of PHP API for experienced PHP Developers.

Let’s have a detailed look at them…

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Arcade Theme

The Cloud Games is a website where a user can search, share and play category-wise games. We have developed the theme and the website from scratch using MyArcade Plugin which is used as a base to fetch the data from third-party sites related to games and the fetched data is displayed on the site.

SmartSend API Wrapper

SmartSend API is a private Library/SDK built from scratch on PHP 7.x. Our SDK works an intermediate between the client’s various E-commerce websites and Warehouse database. Here is how the flow works:

  • Websites interact with SDK
  • SDK interacts with Warehouse
  • SDK responds back to the Websites

BeautyDash - Fashion Industry

A clean Wordpress Powered Responsive Multilingual Website

We worked on this website for selling makeup & beauty services. Here's both service provider and service taker can register. You can find your artist, book your artist and get yourself prepared.




This website built with Wordpress 4.5. A responsive multilingual website was encountered with the best coding standard.  

Wedding Gifts Outside The Box

Wedding Gifts Outside The Box

Drupal-based Website and Device Friendly

Instead of receiving fine China you won’t use, or kitchen gadgets you don’t need, a Wedistry gives your guests an easy way to contribute money towards the things you really want—like a full-range gas BBQ or a honeymoon in Paris.