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6 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to SilverStripe 4

Hold on! We know, you’ve had enough of these ‘6 reasons why you need to do a certain thing or not’ kind of listicles. Even we find most of them irksome, but believe us this particular one does not belong to that lot of unproductive listicles. On the contrary, this one comes with a crystal-clear purpose of helping you achieve elevated results out of your existing SilverStripe…

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SilverStripe 4.3 Released: Let’s explore the updates!

A small and yet strong community that we adopted just a few months back, is now out with its latest release - SilverStripe 4.3. After 200+ man-hours of experience and more than 3 SilverStripe projects, worldwide.

Create your Custom Theme in Silverstripe

The business market that you stand in today is not anymore just limited to your locality, state or even your country. It’s a global market today that you’re competing with, no matter what industry do you belong to. In order to stand out and be recognized in such a crowded-global market, one needs to be extraordinary in all possible facets. And your website is one such most significant facet…

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Silverstripe is one small community that is remarkably growing with the passing time. And AddWeb, having sensed its strength, had picked it quite some time back. Just after having worked on a handful of Silverstripe projects, we started giving it back to the community in whichever way that we can - modules, patches, blogs, et al. Yes, previously also we’ve shared SilverStripe Blogs on the rich…

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Modules & Themes of Silverstripe

The open-source community flourishes in the presence of the rich bank of modules and Silverstripe is surely going to mark milestones with the kind of modules it has. Though a small and less popular community, the kind of modules it has come with is quite impressive but seldom noticed.

Administration Panel of SilverStripe CMS?

The entire functionality of SilverStripe’s administration panel is quite simplistic for every end user to operate. AddWeb’s well-versed team in SilverStripe presents you an entire guideline on how to operate SilverStripe’s administration panel. Each of the functionality of the panel is well explained in here, along with illustrative screenshots of the same. Let the journey of exploring and…

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SilverStripe Web Development Service

SilverStripe is an open source community that has proven its worth by constructing highly customized websites from varied industries viz. The banking sector, government agencies, local councils, agriculture, et al. Silverstripe is CMS that is best for experienced coders. It is based on PHP and is compatible with Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.



Earthwalk is an e-commerce website made in SilverStripe for New Zealand-based footwear and garments brand. AddWeb has used Angular for the front-end and Apache 2.4.10 for the web server. We’ve integrated SSL Certificate and used ‘Payment Express’ for the Payment Gateway. We did and are still doing the enhancement of the website.

Simraceway Series

Simraceway Series is a SilverStripe and PHP based website meant for sharing all the information regarding the car-racing tournament. One can download the PDF available on the home page, which includes detailed information regarding the past and the future car-racing tournaments.

The website is still under progress.

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ID: addweb 


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