Technology: SilverStripe


PADUA Financial Group

PADUA Financial Group is a financial advice and technology services firm focused on improving financial advice operations for institutions, financial advisers and investors.

Goal: Goal is to provide advisers with the highest quality outsourced paraplanning and transition services. 


SilverStripe Web Development Service

SilverStripe is an open source community that has proven its worth by constructing highly customized websites from varied industries viz. The banking sector, government agencies, local councils, agriculture, et al. Silverstripe is CMS that is best for experienced coders. It is based on PHP and is compatible with Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.

Administration Panel of SilverStripe CMS?

The entire functionality of SilverStripe’s administration panel is quite simplistic for every end user to operate. AddWeb’s well-versed team in SilverStripe presents you an entire guideline on how to operate SilverStripe’s administration panel. Each of the functionality of the panel is well explained in here, along with illustrative screenshots of the same. Let the journey of exploring and…

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