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Earthwalk is an e-commerce website made in SilverStripe for New Zealand-based footwear and garments brand. AddWeb has used Angular for the front-end and Apache 2.4.10 for the web server. We’ve integrated SSL Certificate and used ‘Payment Express’ for the Payment Gateway. We did and are still doing the enhancement of the website.

Simraceway Series

Simraceway Series is a SilverStripe and PHP based website meant for sharing all the information regarding the car-racing tournament. One can download the PDF available on the home page, which includes detailed information regarding the past and the future car-racing tournaments.

The website is still under progress.

Authorization Credentials:

ID: dev 


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PADUA Financial Group

PADUA Financial Group is a financial advice and technology services firm focused on improving financial advice operations for institutions, financial advisers and investors.

Goal: Goal is to provide advisers with the highest quality outsourced paraplanning and transition services.