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The Future of WordPress Beyond 2019

Sitting at the end of 2019 when we look back at the year 2015, we see the term ‘WordPress’ has several technical developments, massive acquisitions, regrettable spats and internal rants that entertained a lot of audience across the world.

A Guide to Enhance Your WordPress Site Performance - 1

“What’s best for the customer is the best for the business.” says, Chris Brown, the CEO of MarketCulture Strategies. The time that a user invests in your website is what your success is dependent upon.

A Guide to Enhance Your WordPress Site Performance - 22

One often spends an ample amount on building a site with appealing designs, images, videos and whatnot, to attract and retain their customer base. But yet, when a site fails to load faster, every other effort made goes in vain.

Optimise Images, Optimise Your WordPress Site!

An optimised site is capable of yielding fruitful results. And hence, it’s crucial for every website owner to scrutinise and analyse their website score from time to time and act as per the recommendation. Only then one can gain their desired outcomes.

Tips and Tricks to Optimise your WordPress Site

Does your WordPress website pages take more than two seconds to load? If yes, then you can not afford to take this issue lightly and step-up to resolve it by going for WordPress Site Optimisation.

WordPress Optimisation - More of an investment than expense!

Imagine you visit a website an..d it… take...s dog’s y….ears to load. What would you do - bear with its slow-paced speed and stick by its side, no matter how much time does it demand to be load; or quickly close the tab and move out for finding a better and faster alternative. Well, now imagine the same situation by putting yourself in the place of that website owner’s position. It’s much more…

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The publishing experience on the web is about to experience a huge breakthrough with the emergence of Gutenberg. WordPress has recently brought in the wave of joy amongst developers and publishers by launching Gutenberg - the all new & innovative editing software.

Google Map In WordPress

Here are two methods for use google map into WordPress, Embedded map manually and Add map via plugins. In this blog, we will show you the best way to add Google Maps plugins for WordPress Development Services. Add markers for any address, place or latitude/longitude location, or drag markers where you want them.

Custom Plugin For WooCommerce

WooCommerce, just like WordPress, comes with thousands of extensions and plugins. Want to create a custom plugin to extend WooCommerce? In this blog, we will create the custom plugin for WooCommerce using WC_Integration class, let's get going!