Technology: Wordpress


WordPress Website

A power-packed responsive Wordpress website. AddWeb encountered website domain migration, plugin upgradations with unit testing. 

WordPress Website

A medical domain based responsive WordPress website. This website was revamped by AddWebSolution with complex features like WooCommerce incorporation, Social media integration, Subscription, PayPal Payment method, Online Buying and selling and many more.

Shopping Website

E-commerce based site built with Woo-Commerce. Do have the functionality of search & sorting. Have COD facility & wishlist. 

WordPress Website

Built in Wordpress 4.4.2 using Twitter Bootstrap which complex functionality implementation like Parallax designs and Booking functionality (appointment booking).

WooCommerce Website

This an e-commerce site built with WordPress - WooCommerce having cart & search functionality. One can purchase different types of electric bike with filter functionality.

M1 Order

M1 Order

A Clean Wordpress Responsive Website

Idea behind this website is to change the way retailers receive orders from their customers. Imposed concept of Digital menu. A tidy single page website which incorporated an Appica2-iOS theme.


BeautyDash - Fashion Industry

A clean Wordpress Powered Responsive Multilingual Website

We worked on this website for selling makeup & beauty services. Here's both service provider and service taker can register. You can find your artist, book your artist and get yourself prepared.




This website built with Wordpress 4.5. A responsive multilingual website was encountered with the best coding standard.  



WordPress-powered and Mobile Friendly Website

Elonex established a global brand identity and continued to strive to provide the very latest electronic technology government, business, retail, e-tail, and tech-hungry consumers. 


Sign Installer

Sign Installer

Device Friendly Wordpress Website

Sign Installer is a responsive website built in Wordpress. This website provides information related to boardings, name plate available outside any hotels, houses and many more.