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Boost Your Business with PWA!

We address the questions that matter the most and one such burning question, in today’s tech-world, is how investing in a particular technology can benefit one's business.

PWA - The Clone Child of the Web & the Mobile Application!

It may seem to you that PWA is a distant cousin of PDA. But no, both of them belongs to a two entirely different set of clans and has nothing common between each other.


Android Q Beta

Android Q Beta is finally here bringing additional privacy and security features.  It includes Faster App Startup, Enhancements for Foldables, New APIs for Connectivity, New Media Codecs and Camera Capabilities, NNAPI Extensions, Vulkan 1.1 Support, and more. It is focused on pushing all the boundaries of hardware and software and bringing new…

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Android 9.0 Pie releases

Finally, the revelation of what the ‘P’ stands for in Android P happens with the launch of Android 9.0 Pie. Android 9.0 Pie is available on all the pixel smartphones today while those that have participated in Android Beta Program and Android One devices will…

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Nobism is a data-driven mobile application that we created using tech-stacks like Ionic 3, iOS and Android. We also elevated this application with advanced technological features like multilingualism, auto sign-up, user/admin login, upload & download the data of open accounts, et al. We worked on several other aspects of the app like bug-fixing, data synchronization, integrated…

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AEDU Parent App & AEDU Driver App

AEDU Parent App & AEDU Driver App is a part of AEDU - a school management software built by AddWeb. The Parent app is specially crafted for parents, who can keep a track of their kids’ school activity; even if kids are from different schools. The Driver app offers features like live route tracking, multiple routes & vehicles, et al.…

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Ionic Mortgage speak Application

This application is based on one website which provides news, related to mortgage industry. Users can browse through different news via different categories. Moreover, they can share this information in their social media platform.

DanceComp Genie

DanceComp Genie

iOS and Android App Development

Finally, You are free from searching upcoming competitions and Events on Google.

Here you go with DanceComp Genie App! DanceComp Genie helps the user to get all the information related to competitions held around. Easily used by dancers, studio owners, convention owners, and retail companies that work within dance scene.…

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Vfg Dialer

The VFG DIALER is designed to be used with the VFG CONTACT SYSTEM.

This app will allow users of the system to have their android populate and dial phone calls for them as well as populate the text fields for texts to be sent and recorded in the VFG CONTACT system.