Technology: JQuery


Custom Card Stack Effects

Custom card stake effects in web design are actually one of the topics that designers seem to be able to argue about all day, Here we’ll help explain what cards mean to the modern web UI designer and how to create custom card stake effects.

Custom Search Filters

Give your website visitors an option to search for specific things on your website. Save their time and earn their satisfaction. Read on to learn how to add an advanced custom search filter on a website!

Animated ToolTip

Animation enhances the user experience hence and increases the time spent by them on your website. Here are some amazing animated tooltips for you. Try them out!

3D Animation Effect

Make a custom 3D animated menu card for your own product based website. Because an animation is attractive and in trend!

Custom Next/Prev thumb for slick slider

There are so many different types of jQuery sliders available these days, sliding horizontal panels, transition effects, patch down/up, fade in/out etc…

Hover Effect

There are many ways you can add special effects to your web pages and one of them is adding a Zoom Effect on Images when the user hovers over them.This type of effect is notably used in portfolio-type situations where the design intends to show both visual and informational details. It can be created using jQuery plugins or by using simple CSS3 properties.

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3D Animated hover Effect of Thumbnails Images

This is a custom 3D animated effects for thumbnails images, grid box & card rotate design.  You can use below code for 3D Animation hover effect of images without using any jQuery code and JS libraries.


  • Browser compatible css
  • Responsive for mobile & i-pad
  • Need not to use any external js, script and libraries
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Create sliders to move in opposite direction with each other

This is a custom animated slider with left & right offset slide effect. Animated effect like opening/closing door effects. This slider can be used in testimonial, display 2 items in a slide, simple content & image slider and more.


  • Support in responsive view, tablet & mobile views
  • Support fluid responsive width
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Better HTML for better Form Fields

Some form fields look different on certain browser as per its behaviour. Here I have managed same design for all fields in all the browsers.

In this blog, code is provided for all the form fields.


  • Support in all browsers and OS & devices (Android & i Phone). I.e. Browser Compatible.
  • Easy to use.
  • SCSS & CSS…
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Web Push Notification

As in android/iOS, in web app also we can have a push notification, in this blog you will learn step by step guide for creating a web notification for your website.

It is combination of Javascript and scripting language that your site uses, generally PHP.

=> Notification object properties are described below.

Methods, Properties, and Events: 

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