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Autocomplete In Angularjs

The Autocomplete textbox is used for providing a suggestion…

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Custom Design of On/Off Switch

This is the custom design of On/Off switch OR toggle button for checkbox and radio button. You can use below code for On/Off switch without using any jQuery code and JS libraries. You do not need any icons & images.


  • Support in all browsers, OS & devices (Android & iPhone)
  • Need not use any external js, script and libraries…
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Get value of transform property using jQuery

When we write code such as

var transform_val = jQuery('.animation').css('transform');

it returns all value of transform property like rotate, translate, matrix, scale, skew etc.

But if you want to get single value of rotate, translate, matrix, scale, skew etc follow below code:


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 Hide Nav Arrows

We all are familiar with Owl Carousel, I hope! Now, default behavior of Owl carousel is: it always displays nav arrows irrespective of number of items. There is a possibility that carousel have less number(s) of item(s) on screen and there is no scroll behaviour, yet arrows are always displayed.

Follow below code to hide the arrows if there are less number of items in carousel:

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Detect Browser using jQuery

It is very easy to detect the browser & OS using jquery. This code snippet will give you the browser.

Let me provide you an example:  

Sometimes issues are generated in particular browsers like:

  1. OpenSans font face displayed extra bold in Mac OS.
  2. Default 'line-height' values are not same in all browsers all time.
  3. Box-shadow is not working…
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Disabling Dates in jQueryUI

There is the "beforeShowDay" option available for jQuery UI datepicker which makes a function call for each date and returns true/false based on value is allowed or not.

beforeShowDay: This function takes a date as a parameter and returns an array with 0th index as true/false indicating whether or not this date is selectable. It is called for each day in the datepicker before is it…

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Adding image to select list with cross browser compatibility

Here we’re going to discuss how to add an image into HTML select tag. Select Tag is among the most commonly used features in websites, it allows you to create a drop-down list.

Now, many a time it’s required to add a specific image with respect to specific value in the drop down menu, default select tag does not allow you to add an image, here I have made a simple jQuery tweak with…

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