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AngularJs app with Yeoman


During development, these tools will do things like create the development environment, automatically reload the browser when changes are saved, handle notification for Angular apps, and make sure packages are up-to-date. When it comes time to deploy, they'll minify all of the app's code, optimize images, compile CoffeeScript and Compass files, and package…

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The launch of Node.js 12

The latest version of Node.js 12 has recently been launched. The Node.js now has been updated to V8 7.4, which also brings in several performance tweaks and other improvements. Also, the previous ongoing-updates of improvement in language and runtime.

Node.js 12 comes loaded with a bundle of new updates and…

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AppSafeGuard is a security application. The application is for finding the criminals nearby areas. The name, contact number, and address of the criminal are displayed and there is a limitation that it can only work in the U.S. The technologies used are React Native and Node.js. We are currently working on its enhancements.

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