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With And For Society

We give back to the society. Hence, we’re!

AddWeb believes giving back to the society is a part of our existence and there’s nothing to boast about. But sharing a little bit of what you do for the society can prove to be an encouragement for others. And also, philanthropy is our little selfish act, which boosts our energy and helps us to feel the joy of giving. There’s certainly, no better way to feel peace and contentment. And while doing that, you never know when you get lucky to be someone’s sunshine during their grey times!

Moments that turned into memories!

The moment we decided to visit those little ones at the unprivileged school, we didn’t knew that we’re going to create a memory that will last in our hearts for a lifetime. While we gave some scrumptious cookies, they filled our belly with innocent laughter. And while we gifted them with some school stationeries and books, they gifted us with the art of living without any fancy philosophical words!

Joy of giving
Joy of giving
Food Program
Food Program

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