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Angular 6

The Angular version 6.0.0 has just been released and it is said to be one of the most anticipated Angular releases of the year. This one has predominantly focused on the toolchain and it's adding on to its ability to move quickly with Angular in future. The underlying framework has not been much of a focus of this release; whereas the few minor and patch releases would be issued later on the…

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Angular CLI

Stephen Fluin, the developer advocate at Google, has finally announced the release of Angular version 5.1 in his official blog. Along with that, Stephen talked about the release of the v1.6 of Angular CLI and the first ever stable release of Angular Material.

The release of Angular…

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Ionic Mortgage speak Application

This application is based on one website which provides news, related to mortgage industry. Users can browse through different news via different categories. Moreover, they can share this information in their social media platform.

Ionic HK Application

This is a Real Estate application which allows users to search for the property in specific region using different filter options. Users can also review the location of the property on MAP. On the detail screen of an application users can review the internal details of the property like images, actual area etc.

Ionic SageFlow Application

This is an application which can connect the job seeker to the experienced mentors. Two people can share their educational and professional information with each other. They can be associated for fulfilling command goals and tasks. Users can also import their contacts from social sites. Users can also get the notifications related to their goals and friend requests.


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