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Manage Your School Easily with AEDU School Management System

Our software is a fully featured, secure web based school management system with great support.

In an age, when every other industry is operating by shaking hands with technology; we’re not convinced with the old-fashioned functioning of the schools in our education system. And that is when, we ourselves came up with a resolution in the name of AEDU – A School Management Software. This software is not just free but it also simplifies the job of every department of the school, viz. Admin, Accountant, Teachers and Library. The software also comes with two different apps for Parents and the Driver to simplify and digitize their job.

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Why AddWeb school management system be the part of your school?

ERP which includes all-in-one your school will ever need

Our Mobile Application

Aedu Driver App

Android App for Driver: Define the route on which the bus runs, driver of the bus uses this app to send the bus location over the route.

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Aedu Teacher App

Android App for Teachers: Teachers can manage students, their homework, events, circulars, student’s leaves, etc.

Aedu Parent App

Android App for Parents, Teachers & Students: There are various panels and features supporting different functions necessary for your management.

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