AddWeb Solution helps startups break the traditional barriers to establish a strong online presence with the right blend of technology, creativity, and innovation.

One-Stop Start-up Solution Provider

As a Start-up Solution Company, we bring together technocrats from every industry and line of business to help you transform how businesses run online.

Every start-up founder knows from the outset that there will be obstacles to transforming their idea into a striking reality. Whether it is about building something new, meeting the customers’ growing needs, iterating the product with exactly what you need, or growing relationships with the stakeholders and customers, the right technology partner could be a way forward to break the barriers.

AddWeb Solution helps you plan your start-up’s growth strategy along with the help of its Start-up tech consulting.

“How” We Help

Whether you’re looking for technology innovation, funding to propel your business, or meet the growth needs, we can help you with our start-up solutions.

Empowering Start-Up at Every Stage

We work with you closely at every stage of digital transformation to streamline how your start-up runs.


Our creative heads and technical team will deep dive into your business requirements and understand the market. With the help of competitive analysis, market research, and R&D, we will transform your business with start-up innovation and ideas that help you realize the value of your investment.

Product Conceptualization

When you trust us to define a technology solution for your start-up, we will leave no stone unturned to conceptualize your product. With comprehensive gap analysis, searching the existing products or offerings in the market, and assessing the technology stack, we will identify the pros and cons related to the product and design SRS to conceptualize the idea.

MVP & Prototype

It is always ideal for getting insight into what your product will look like. For the start-ups, it is crucial to validate their idea with proof of concept to gain the investors’ trust. And thus, we help you with wireframes and prototypes for the product or solution. We also help you launch the minimal viable product with features & functionalities using start-up MVP development.

Architecture Design

The most important thing for any start-up is a robust architecture to support their solution or product. As a start-up solution provider, we can be a helping hand in performing architecture analysis, defining the scalable architecture, and conducting architecture validation and testing for you.


For start-ups, it is imperative to keep the development time as low as possible. We will ensure that development aligns with your expectations and doesn’t violate your budget or product launch timelines with a well-defined project plan, agile approach, and the latest technology stack.

Quality Assurance

Validating your newly developed solution is crucial to ensure a hassle-free and smoother product launch. We will perform functional, usability, regression, and acceptance testing with the industry-best quality professionals and a well-defined test plan to ensure the end product are bug-free.

Product Re-engineering & Migration

We provide end-to-end migration services for the start-up solutions to help you migrate from the legacy system to the new platform. With detailed gap analysis and clear-cut requirements, we will provide you with a roadmap for re-engineering using the right technology stack.

Support & Maintenance

As a start-up solution provider, we know how crucial it is to get uninterrupted support for your newly launched solution. And we’re committed to providing round-the-clock support. With the help of ticketing systems, reports, and monitoring tools, we can help you track and resolve the problems on the go.

“How” We Do IT

Diversity yields innovation, and we have no boundaries for helping start-ups. Please take a look at how we do it.

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Whether you are at the starting phase, development phase, or growing into a small business, we can help you innovate, regularise, build & scale your business.

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