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GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool, which helps repository managers to track issues and leverage from Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment features. It enables the delivery team to perform all the tasks in a project – starting from project planning and managing source code to monitoring and security. Furthermore, it provides a collaborative environment for the teams to deliver a better product.

While reducing the overall project lifecycle, GitLab boosts productivity to create value for the customers. Another great benefit of GitLab is that it doesn’t require users to manage access to every tool. Once permissions are set, then everyone in the organization can access different tools and components without further authorization.

DevOps Simplified

By bringing development, operations, and security teams working together using a single application, it simplifies the delivery process using shared feedback loops, simplified integrations, and audit logs for each action.

Reduce Gap between Silos and Stages

GitLab unifies the things between different teams, so the same thing is available for everyone across the teams. It eliminates the need for formal handoffs between different teams and maintaining and securing integration points.

Reduce the Cycle Time

It requires very little time for the teams to float things on production from an idea, monitor them, and scale it as and when required. This helps organizations to quickly respond to the changes to meet market needs.

Minimize the Risk Factor

The shorter cycle time means frequent deployments. This brings various benefits including more predictability, improved code quality, and ease of troubleshooting. This means reduced engineering risk.

Highly Secure Applications

Faster feedback helps organizations get quick information about security vulnerabilities. This makes it easy for the developers to rectify security vulnerabilities right during the development itself.

Get rid of unnecessary integrations

Since it has all the necessary features available, the organizations don’t have to pay for additional integrations. Moreover, it supports various third-party services and solutions.

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