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Leverage Blockchain Technology Development Services

To Convert Your Digital Currency Ideas to Reality!

AddWeb Solution, one of the best blockchain development service providers in the market has been designing and developing a wide range of blockchain solutions for various national and international clients. With a strong team of blockchain technology experts, we are confident to offer the desired solution of your choice and digital currency. We have strong experience in blockchain, supply chain, dApps and customized business critical solutions including Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, etc.


Blockchain Technology Consulting

Our approach to your blockchain technology consulting starts with the what is your business, how blockchain can enhance your business and which features or functionalities can help in enhancing the ROI. Strong knowledge and experience of this industry plays a vital role in guiding you through right path.


dApps Development

From conceptualization to designing and development to deployment, our team of blockchain developers will assist you in every step of small to enterprise grade dApps applications. We can enable you in reducing time to market and increasing maximum ROI. 


Blockchain Supply Chain Management

We have designed, developed, deployed and managed several supply chain solutions for varied business segments using blockchain technology. We ensure complete transparency at every step of the project designing to deployment and management process.


Customized Blockchain Development

Our team of blockchain developers have strong knowledge and experience of various platforms including EOS, Stellar, Corda, and HyperLedger. We can develop highly scalable, secure and robust enterprise-grade blockchain solutions as per your business requirements.


Smart Contracts

We have a dedicated team of smart contracts who can develop and deploy the smart contracts solutions as per your business needs. The solution can be fully customized and designed for public or private network. Have strong experience in crowdfunding, dApps, and supply chain as well. 


Decentralized Exchange

By choosing our blockchain developers for blockchain solutions, you can launch hackproof and innovative solution on Android, iOS or web platform. By combining secured mobile and web platform, you can seamlessly expand and enhance your ROI. 


Wallet Development

Developing digital wallets using digital currencies requires expertise to secure the platforms with right set of security and assets storage layers. We develop feature rich digital wallet using blockchain technology that includes a wide range of features including balance check, track history, multi-currency, etc.



Tokenization is the best option to reduce volatility and increase liquidity for several digital assets. For developing tokenized assets for your business, you can trust our expert developers of blockchain. With several years of experience and successful solution deployed, we are confident to offer the best solutions. 

Our Blockchain Development Stats

Our experience includes national and international customers from all over the world


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Smart Technology – Smart Results

In blockchain world, using advance technology platforms is important to offer smart results

There are many blockchain technology platforms to develop different types of solutions. Each platform has its own strength but to choose the right set of platforms based on the requirements requires experience and expertise which our team of blockchain experts have. Below are the major platforms which we use for blockchain development.

  • Hyperledger In order to create enterprise grade blockchain apps, Hyperledger is the best open source platform. Still in umbrella project but highly popular among blockchain developers. 
  • Ethereum Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain public platform which is used for running dApps. 
  • Stellar Stellar is an excellent open source platform for building financial products that can connect people across the world. 
  • Corda For businesses Corda is one of the best open source platforms for blockchain
  • Bitshares Also known as DEX, Bitshares is one of the best platforms for trade exchanging with the ability to manage high volume. 
  • EKO is a public blockchain platform which has been designed and developed using PoPs for enterprise grade applications. 
  • Graphen is an open source blockchain platform developed using C# technology with a capability to run more than 3000 transactions per second. 
  • Bitcoin is one of the most popular decentralized digital currency which has strong network across the world. 
  • Quorum is also an open source blockchain platform that is based on the Ethereum offering enhanced features and support. 
  • EOS In order to process fast and free transactions, EOS is the best blockchain that majority of developers across the world use. 
  • Tron For developing high performance blockchain applications, the common platform that is highly popular among the blockchain developers across the world is Tron. 
  • Hashgraph For swift, secured and smart blockchain based acrylic graph DLT, Hashgraph is perfect. 

Why AddWeb Solution is leading Blockchain Development market?

  1. 15+ designers and developers experienced in blockchain technology to develop even your complex requirements
  2. Strong experience of developing 25+ high performing apps
  3. Satisfied clientele across 40+ countries in the world
  4. Strong NDA signed with all clients
  5. End-to-end solution designing to maintenance managed by AddWeb Solutions team
  6. On-time delivery with competitive pricing

Our Blockchain Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!



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Agile Methodology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain development and how it is beneficial for the business?

As per the definition, Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger which can exist on various computers at the same time. Any solution developed using the blockchain technology platform is known as blockchain development. As a leading blockchain development, AddWeb Solution offers wide range of customized solution as per your business. After we understand your business segment, our expert consultant can suggest the best solution for your business.

What are the blockchain platforms that you are using?

With the evolving technology market, the blockchain technology platforms are also constantly evolving and AddWeb Solutions keep adopting the latest platforms. However, we use the best in class platforms that comes with maximum scalability and security. As one of the best blockchain development company in the market, we have expertise in following platforms:

  • Hyperledger

  • Ethereum

  • Stellar

  • Corda

  • Bitshares

  • EKO

  • Graphen

  • Bitcoin

  • Quorum

  • EOS

  • Tron

  • Hashgraph

How to choose the best blockchain development company?

If you are asking how should you evaluate the best blockchain company in the market, then we would suggest that based on their experience. Because with experience and exposure to different types of blockchain solutions for national and international customers it will be feasible for the company to offer you the most innovative features. Moreover, if you need to further evaluate then here are a few questions that you can ask before hiring them:

  • For how many years has the company been working on blockchain?

  • What is the size of their blockchain development team?

  • For which business segments/industries have they developed solutions for?

  • Which are the blockchain platforms the company is using to develop solutions?

  • What is the pricing model of the company for blockchain solutions?

  • Which technology stacks is the company using?

  • How many blockchain projects have the company successfully completed?

  • Any customer cases or testimonials that you are can refer to from the local market?

If you are working with an experienced blockchain company, then they should be able to answer the following questions.