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The Business Needs

Understanding the Client’s Requirements

One of their biggest challenges for Ground Level was SEO, as the client wanted organic traffic from their website. They had trouble ranking keywords and bringing traffic to their website. The store wanted to make its website strong from an SEO perspective and increase traffic to improve its revenue. As such, they were looking to hire SEO experts who could help them.

Ground level wanted to work with one of the best eCommerce SEO companies that could offer them the following search engine optimization services:


  • Audit their existing website for SEO and content.
  • Carry out keyword research to develop relevant content.
  • Optimize their existing pages with the right keywords.
  • Evaluate the website for lapses in technical SEO.
  • Content marketing for better traffic and brand awareness.
  • Set up their accounts in GA, GSC, etc., for reporting.
  • Link building to improve the domain authority.


About Ground Level: Ground Level is a vintage and second-hand clothing store. They source high-quality and top-notch vintage clothing from around the world for their customers. The store has a multi-brand and multi-style approach, which makes it possible for their customers to find any clothing from the past without trouble. Ground Level has an extensive collection of products ranging from clothing to accessories, art, décor, and records collections. The brand was trying to expand its reach and sales online with the help of its website.

Our Approach

How our SEO team decided to go about the project.

Before starting the plan for the campaign, we decided to interact with the client to learn about the challenges and their requirements. The discussions helped us understand that the client is looking to hire SEO experts who can offer them a tailored package. They wanted to take care of every SEO element on their website, from technical SEO, on-page SEO, content, keyword search, etc. As we have already worked on eCommerce websites, we were able to quickly understand what the client was looking for.


However, we knew that to create the most effective SEO plan for the client, we must do industry and competitor research. The research unearthed a lot of information about the keywords and search trends for the keywords. This helped us improve the overall quality of the plan and its focus.


Once we had gathered all the required details, we put together a team of experienced SEO analysts. We constituted a team of search engine optimization experts, designers, developers, and digital marketing strategists.


Along with the same, we also developed an action plan to execute the project on time.



Team Members


Man Hours


Quality Checks


Client Calls


How did AddWeb Solution deliver the best SEO services to the Ground Level?

Based on our analysis of the client's website and a thorough evaluation of competitors, we crafted a strategic approach for optimizing our client's online presence through our SEO services. Our primary objective was to develop a transformative SEO strategy that delivered tangible results and ensured top user experience.


We realized that a phased and systematic approach was the best way to get the desired results. The client loved this method, recognizing its flexibility in incorporating necessary modifications as the SEO process moved forward. We began optimizing the website by doing keyword research. Once we understood the relevant keywords, we prioritized on-page and technical SEO over everything. We wanted the website to have strong SEO value before we moved on to optimize the content and the website pages. We also carried out white hat link building to relevant pages and ensured internal linking for the best results. Our content development team also worked on creating content according to the pages and optimized them with relevant keywords.


We strategically took care of everything from an SEO point of view, from meta details, content, keywords, technical SEO, etc., and helped the website improve its overall optimization value.

What We Have Done for the Website

We performed the following tasks to improve the SEO value and web traffic.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After working on the client’s website for 3 months, here is what the client has shared with us.

I want to thank your entire team for the exceptional SEO services offered to our website. When we tried to hire SEO experts previously, some of the e-commerce SEO companies declined to work with us as the website was not optimized for e-commerce SEO at all. When we approached AddWeb Solution for e-commerce SEO, you took the challenges and assured us that the traffic could be improved. And we wanted to hire SEO experts to take charge and help us. One of the best things about working with you is that you explain everything to us, and we can understand what you are doing and how it will help us. The team was also easy to communicate with and listened patiently to our suggestions. I appreciate all the eCommerce SEO help you offer, and I will recommend your SEO agency to anyone looking for a reliable SEO team.

Henry Lynn


Final Outcome

After three months of the SEO project, the client experienced the following results.

After 6 weeks of delivering SEO services to our client, their website started getting increased impressions and traffic. The best part was that the pages we carried out on-page and technical SEO were already moving towards the first pages of Google’s search result pages. Our client received monthly traffic of 5K from 1K visits before we started working on the website.



Increased Website SEO Score


Increased Number of Sessions


Increased Revenue


User Visited Website in a Month

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