Drupal Upgrade and Migration Services

Are you interested in upgrading your Drupal site without any hassle? Our expertise and proven methods help businesses seamlessly upgrade to the latest version or migrate from other platforms to Drupal. We ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our Drupal Upgrade & Migration Services include.

Drupal Upgrade and Migration Services

Drupal App Integration

Drupal App Integration

Our commitment lies in facilitating smooth integration with third-party applications to cater to your business requirements. Our Drupal migration services guarantee rapid, secure, and captivating integration that can effectively handle extensive deployments.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

In addition to offering Drupal migration services, our Drupal web development firm in the United States also focuses on monitoring and devising effective strategies for enhancing performance. Our objective is to optimize the performance of your Drupal website and provide exceptional user experiences.

Drupal Website Security Updates

Drupal Website Security Updates

Our Drupal development experts work closely with you to identify and address any current or potential security weaknesses. We are dedicated to regularly updating and enhancing your Drupal website’s security measures to ensure the utmost protection.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 89 Migration

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8/9 Migration

Our team of Drupal web development experts seamlessly facilitates the migration of your website from Drupal 7/8 to Drupal 9. Our comprehensive Drupal website development services offer heightened security measures and access to the most up-to-date features and functionalities.

Other CMS to Drupal Migration

Other CMS to Drupal Migration

Are you in search of a high-quality Drupal migration firm? Our company provides flawless Drupal application development and migration services! Facilitate a seamless shift from different CMS platforms to the most recent Drupal version. We produce engaging content that is optimized for contemporary devices. Our expertise lies in delivering outstanding Drupal web development and digital experiences. We specialize in effortless and trouble-free website migrations, ensuring a seamless transition to Drupal!

Customized E-commerce Solutions

Customized E-commerce Solutions

Leverage our proficient Drupal CMS development and migration services to create comprehensive, high-functioning e-commerce solutions customized to your unique requirements. Experience the advantages of powerful, expandable websites that propel business expansion.

Drupal 7 Migrations

Drupal 7 End of Life Officially Announced

The Drupal project has announced that Drupal 7 will officially reach its End of Life on January 5, 2025. This date marks 14 years since Drupal 7 was released on January 5, 2011. After this final extension of support, Drupal 7 sites will be at a higher risk of security vulnerabilities if no action is taken. To protect your site and ensure its continued functionality, it is crucial to migrate to a newer version of Drupal as soon as possible.

To help Drupal 7 site owners with this transition, AddWeb Solution has established a comprehensive resource center. Here, you can find all the information and tools you need to make the migration process smooth and efficient. AddWeb Solution’s resource center offers guides, tutorials, and support to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re a site owner, part of a support team, or a contractor, our resources are designed to help you understand your options and plan your migration effectively.

AddWeb Solution is dedicated to making your Drupal 7 migration seamless and stress-free. With our expert guidance and support, you can ensure your site remains secure, performs optimally, and benefits from the latest features available in newer Drupal versions.

Are You Looking to Make Your Drupal Migration an AddWeb Solution?

 Well, you’re in luck! D7 and D8 are reaching their end, but don’t worry, change brings exciting opportunities. Our team of Drupal experts has got you covered. We’ve got industry experience and ready-to-deploy migration modules to ensure your Drupal migration process is smooth, agile, and satisfying.

At AddWeb Solution, we specialize in Drupal migration services, and we can assist you with the following:

  • Migrating from Drupal 7 or 8 to 9/10
  • Upgrading from Drupal 6 to the latest version
  • Multisite migration to Drupal 9/10
  • WordPress to Drupal migration
  • Drupal 9/10 module development
  • Typo3 to Drupal 9/10 migration
Drupal Migration
Drupal 7 Migrations

Drupal 7 Migrations & Upgrades

In November 2022, Drupal 7 will reach its End of Life (EoL). Initially released in January 2011, Drupal 7 has enjoyed over a decade of support. However, after reaching EoL, it will no longer receive updates, bug/security fixes, or any other improvements. If you currently have a website running on Drupal 7, it is crucial to start planning for an upgrade.

Here is what the EoL of Drupal 7 means for your sites starting from November 2022:

  • No further support will be provided for Drupal 7.
  • No more core commits will be made, including bug fixes, security fixes, and improvements.
  • The Drupal Security Team will cease offering support or Security Advisories for Drupal 7 core, contributed modules, themes, or other projects. Vulnerabilities in Drupal 7 may become public, potentially leading to 0-day exploits.
  • After November 2022, Drupal 7 may be flagged as insecure during third-party scans due to the lack of support. On-Time Delivery

The Advantages of Migrating to Drupal 8

Since its release in 2018, businesses worldwide have embraced Drupal 8, benefiting from the technical expertise of numerous contributors. This milestone is worthy of celebration, as Drupal 8 offers many advantages that can significantly enhance your digital presence.

According to Drupal, “Drupal 8 represents the most significant update in Drupal’s history,” boasting “over 200 new and improved features.” Your digital experience will be more dynamic and engaging than ever before.

We are thrilled to assist you in harnessing the power of these enhanced features. In a recent Medium article, we provide a concise overview of 8 of the many benefits that businesses worldwide are currently leveraging:

  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Multilingual Features
  • Well-Defined Configuration Management
  • Built-In Web Services
  • Content Authoring
Migrating to Drupal 8
Drupal 9/10 Upgrade & Migration

How Does Drupal 9/10 Upgrade & Migration Benefit You?

  • Building a new site has become more accessible, faster, and secure. Now, you can transform your theme with the new Twig template engine.
  • WYSIWYG makes authoring effortless, allowing the editor to quickly create and format content and make changes on the fly.  
  • By leveraging jQuery UIs, a modal dialogue, we provide our clientele with the best user experience. 
  • The multilingual capabilities are praiseworthy, allowing you to translate with the built-in user interface and elongate your grip.
  • Drupal 9/10 comes with several field types in core and allows you to attach fields like dates, entry references, links, emails, telephone numbers, and more to content. 
  • Customizing filters and actions makes creating admin pages easy. Listing blocks and more make front-page customization easy. 
  • It is all mobile-friendly. You can now generate, edit, and publish content using your mobile device. The Drupal 9 web applications are super responsive to every device type.

How Does AddWeb Solution Assist Partnered Clients with Migration?

Migration Planning: Our team of highly skilled Drupal developers, with over 20 years of experience, excel in migration planning.

Migration Execution: To perform a custom migration, we recommend starting with Drupal Migrate Upgrade, Migrate Plus, and Migrate Tools modules. Our Drupal experts specialize in migrating from older Drupal 7 sites.

Drupal Tools: While Drush and the Devel module are specifically designed for Drupal, using a good IDE and XDebug benefits all PHP projects. Drush speeds up the development, installation, and maintenance of Drupal sites.

Migration Time and Budget: When considering additional work, such as revisiting a site’s data architecture, remember that it can save time and money during migration. We also assist in improving maintainability and saving time for developers and editors working on the new site daily.

Drupal Migration
Drupal Migration Services

Delivering Organizational Level Drupal Migration Services

Our Drupal Website Migration services start with thoroughly analyzing your business needs. We identify what modules can be migrated and what modules need customization. We analyze and determine features that need enhancements and build a protocol to create the new features you require.

Our Drupal Migration Services guarantee a smooth transition without losing digital resources. Our Drupal experts analyze, strategize, and enable CMS migration to the last detail.

We provide design services, complete content migration, and theme migration. We have you covered from installing and configuring your Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 site to migrating your content to creating an attractive and responsive theme. Our Drupal migration specialists will ensure that your migration is done perfectly and that the transition is as smooth as possible.

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop your Drupal Commerce Website

Do you need a team of Drupal web development services experts? Our skilled professionals are ready to elevate your project with robust, scalable, and secure Drupal solutions. Let’s build your dream website together!

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