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In today’s ever-changing and never-ending digital world, ‘Offshore Engagement Models’ are becoming immensely popular with companies who need different services like Software development, Web application development, etc…and focus on delegating all these services based on priorities attached & the mass of the project.

‘Flexibility’ for both the engagement parties i.e. the developer & the client, stays as the best criterion for such engagement models. This type of engagement model precisely depends on the budgetary aspects and different requirements of the client’s businesses.

Talking on generic terms, to flush out the issues of having permanent employees on the payroll along with other miscellaneous bottlenecks, different companies go with such models to get the advantage of procuring skilled & experienced resources who dedicatedly work on your project, as per your requirements and desires. After all these decisions come the selection of the models between the hourly-based type of engagement services or project-based type of engagement services.

Hourly Model

  • The type of engagement model wherein one (as a client) can hire the required resources for a fixed number of hours to work on a particular, developmental project is stated to be the ‘Hourly Model’.
  • Here the work gets done based on an hourly pay rate that has been agreed upon by both the parties (client & developer).
  • The final rate (mutually decided) between both parties, would be inclusive of all the required resources working on a project at a time. This indirectly ensures the full dedication of the team.
  • The core benefit of going with this approach is that it acts as a clear linkage between the tasks and the related rates (quoted rates).
  • At the time of billing, one can easily control the entire time slot and can choose to get the work done on a priority basis along with the assurance of guaranteed work that is rich in quality as well.

Benefits of the Hourly Model 

  • Hourly Basis Payment: The cost of the project gets counted based on ‘per hour work’ rather than a ‘fixed cost’ (of the entire project) which makes it easier and simpler for the payment procedures.
  • Continuous Tracking: one can easily keep track of task completion and observe how each hour is spent properly (i.e. optimum utilization) which results in guaranteed quality results.
  • Periodic delivery: The project then gets divided into smaller tasks which later get allocated to the assigned teams on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This, in turn, makes it more viable as well as simpler to evaluate.
  • Continuous Reporting: The hourly model helps as the best bridge between the expectations and results i.e. one can periodically mark up the end-results based on the continuous evaluation process (reporting).
  • Approval: As the model precisely follows a hierarchy for completing different tasks that are listed under a task-sheet, it approves tasks that get completed and this, in turn, helps to keep a good track of the project as a whole.
  • Controlling & Changes: Based on all the above procedural steps, one can easily and quickly sense the bottlenecks in the process of development of the project and can work for the removal of such problems along with necessary changes to be made. This also helps to evaluate the entire budget allotted for a particular project.

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Time & Material Model

  • This model, in particular, doesn’t have specific implementation criteria, precise scope, or say pearly specifications. In turn, it needs more flexibility as compared to other engagement models.
  • Those projects that are complicated, lengthy, and certainly prone to changes in terms of concepts, designs or specifications (midway through the project) should go with a tie-up with this model of engagement.
  • With this particular methodology of engagement, we(AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.) assign a designated team with a wide range of skill sets (which suits the best for your project). As the project advances(develops), we make necessary changes (as & when required) in the composition of the team for the best results.
  • The model gives the bifurcated rates of two major aspects which are the rate of labor time and the rate of materials used (hardware, software, tools, etc…).
  • As compared to other engagement models, this model stays as an expensive model of all other methodologies.

Dedicated Team Model     

  • The model (at the base) stays the same as the working of the ‘Time and Materials’ model but changes itself precisely based on dedicated resource hiring.
  • Here, the team gets the players from the pool of available professionals who all work exclusively on the projects as specified by you.
  • Here, we will subsequently reserve some particular resource/s (all, of which are required) till the end of the project.
  • The model offers the benefit of ‘long-term outsourcing’ along with some best and most well-established teams that work as extension branches of your own business. This, in turn, helps to maintain consistency which is required at the time of developing large/long/big projects with a greater amount of exposure and best of the best results.

Why choose us?

  • Free consultation: once you connect with us, you will receive a free consultation from our Solutions who all have work experience in the industry of over 7 elegant years (with a Global clientele).
  • Regular Communication: Our team will adjust their schedules as per your time genres in the best way possible, to make sure there is an expected or say required overlap with your working hours. You can also establish a connection with the team via different platforms like Skype.
  • Timesheets: Daily timesheets are created with a designated number of hours required for each task. We put the paddle on the accelerator-mode, once you give your ‘Aye’ to the crafted sheets (for your project). All tasks and project activities are updated in the timesheets at regular intervals. And you too get complete access to all these timesheets for marking-up the development of the project at different stages.
  • Project Management Process: The project manager is in charge of monitoring the project tasks. The timesheets will be submitted to you by the project manager for the required payments as well as changes (if in need) to be made. He/she is assigned to the project to supervise the team and ensure all the desired and expected tasks are delivered as per the given timeline and requirements.
  • Certified and Well-tuned Team: At AddWeb Solution, all staff members are precisely screened, trained, and then allotted tasks. Once you are satisfied with every required aspect and desire to move ahead, we allow the team completely to be under your control for the best/most engaging end-results.
  • Complete-Ownership: Once the project is completed, all the source files, as well as the required data, will be shared with you for your final evaluation and the mark-ups at the end.

There you go with the essence of what hourly model of engagement for your next project is all about and other models to be kept in mind to get some best of the best results but as we(AddWeb family) always say, investments in different companies or say different platforms for all your tech-cravings are always subjected to market risks, choose wisely & live happy. Cheers!  

Concluding Essence:

We are AddWeb Solution, An industry leader in Website Design and development, Mobile Application Development, and Search Engine Optimization for many years now. We create solutions that work for our clients and never compromise on the quality of the services you receive. Be part of the ever-lasting journey today. 

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