Hire React Developer Cost-Effectively

Every day more digital products and services are available in today’s world. With customers’ expectations about the performance of these products rising, businesses need skilled and insightful developers to create them.

If you did not know, React is one of the most sought-after technologies for creating these services. The demand for React developers is also high.

As a JavaScript library, React helps build web app interfaces focusing on reusable UI components and efficient rendering. This makes it a crucial part of any app development.

Hence, you need to hire a React developer if you don’t already have one. And knowing the cost of hiring a React developer also becomes essential.

This blog aims to provide valuable insights into the cost considerations of hiring React developers and assist you in making informed decisions.

Use Cases of React: Why Your Project Needs to Hire a React Developer

Many businesses have difficulty deciding if they must hire a React developer when developing web apps. The lack of awareness of what React can be used for is a significant reason for this confusion.

React can help you with these critical things in your project. If your project requires any of the following, you need a React developer on your team.

  • The project involves designing interactive and functional web apps.
  • You must expedite and simplify implementing entire pages and individual components in your project.
  • If the project you are working on requires developing transparent program structures.
  • When you are working on bolstering the functionality of the new interface on a project with any initial tech stack.
  • The project you are working on requires you to architect multi and single-page web applications, like SPAs and PWAs.
  • When your project requires developing mobile app interfaces or the server part of a website.

React offers extensive capabilities for developers to build impressive web apps and sites. It provides flexibility in file organization and scripting conventions, distinguishing it from most other frameworks.

Hence, it can be a great addition to your tech stack to deliver high-performing apps and solutions.

Advantages of Using React for Development Projects

The advantages of using React for your projects are many, and the most important ones are as given below:

Advantages of Using React

Easily create dynamic sites and apps.

Developers often find it hard to create dynamic web apps with HTML strings as it needs extensive and complex coding. This is no longer a problem with React, as it offers more functionality with less coding.

This way, with React, you can create apps and sites faster.

It offers reusable components.

React has various reusable components with independent controls and logic. With the help of these components, you can output small HTML code snippets.

These code snippets can be reused anywhere else when you need them.

Thus, React makes developing and maintaining code for your projects easy.

React is easy to learn and use.

Unlike other frameworks, React is easy to learn and use for projects. It has an extensive list of documents, libraries, and tutorials that everyone can use to master it.

Although React is not a fully featured platform, it leverages the JS user interface to help execute tasks efficiently.

An excellent community.

The community behind React is a major reason many businesses still use this framework.

Thanks to the community, new tools and guides are quickly created and constantly updated for everyone to take advantage of.

The community of professionals is always ready to help you, no matter your problem.

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What Skills Should You Look for in a React Developer?

At AddWeb, when we look for a React developer for our team, we look for two categories of skills in our potential candidates.

They are:

  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills

This has helped us understand whether the candidate will be suitable for the role.

But what are these skills, per se? Let’s understand here.

Soft skills

Look for the following soft skills in your potential React developer candidate:

The ability to manage and plan tasks.

A candidate must know how to manage and plan their tasks well. They must know the internal processes of developing an app and how to tackle challenges when they arise.


This is another important soft skill your ideal candidate must have. Developing an app is a team effort.

Your team members must be able to interact and brainstorm together to develop diverse ideas. Communication is important for these processes to happen seamlessly.

Problem-solving skills

Looking at issues objectively and solving them is a crucial skill for every developer. This skill will decide how quickly your team can resolve development bottlenecks and solve issues.

This skill is also important for developers to solve interpersonal conflicts within the team.

Decision-making skills

A developer needs to make various decisions at different stages of developing a website. They would also need to guide their team members at times as well.

Making decisions based on the information available and the experience is a crucial part of developing an app or website.

Hence, looking for candidates with excellent decision-making skills would help.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are what you primarily select the candidate for. The candidate’s soft skills complement hard skills.

When choosing a React developer, there are three levels of core React development skills.

Find out all about them here:

Junior level developers

These professionals have 1-3 years of experience working in the industry. While experience should be the only criterion, it can help weed out beginners for sure if you need an expert.

They possess a basic understanding of the platform and are competent in technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

Their main job in a project is to support the higher-level experts, debug the project, and execute the suggestions of high-level developers.

Intermediate level

Intermediate or middle-level React developers usually have 3-5 years of hands-on experience in the market. They execute certain high-level tasks on a project, such as coding class components, coding functional elements, etc.

They may also be required to carry out certain testing duties per the project requirements.

Most intermediate-level React developers may be competent in implementing and deploying certain technical products under the guidance of DevOps experts.

Expert level

An expert React developer has over 7 years of experience in the field. They can fully leverage the framework to create a tech product through collaboration, including debugging.

These experts are adept at leveraging the framework’s full capability and using all React libraries. Their expertise expands to cloud solutions like Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, etc.

They also lead and guide teams on various app and website development projects, thanks to their experience and industry insights.

Methods to Hire a React Developer

Businesses can choose from three methods when hiring a React developer for their projects.

Each of these models serves a specific purpose.

Build an in-house team.

In this model, you can hire and constitute an entire team per your needs. This includes hiring React developers, setting up the office, installing the required infrastructure, and managing the team.

You also need to meet your team’s React developer salary expectations and pay them on time.

This model is the most expensive for a business if you are not a React development agency offering React development services.

Augment the current team.

Simply, this expands your team’s expertise by hiring a React developer when needed. You can hire tech talent as you need from a tech service provider.

One of the benefits of this model is that you don’t need to conduct an extensive interview process, as the vendor offers you an expert.

This method is also a better option than the previous one from a cost perspective.

Outsource your project.

This is the best option for businesses that want to develop apps and solutions. Agencies are offering React development services at affordable rates, like AddWeb Solution.

This model has many advantages—you get expert professionals to work with, complete the project quickly, don’t need to spend a lot of money, etc.

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Cost of React Developers React Developers

Knowing how much it costs to hire React developers helps you make an informed choice when outsourcing your project.

Even if you outsource, the overall cost will depend on the vendor’s location.

If you hire a vendor from Europe, the cost will be higher compared to Asian countries like India, the Philippines, etc.

The following table will help you understand this better:


While these countries seem very affordable, looking at India as your ultimate outsourcing hub is the best option, as you can get a full-stack developer for as low as USD 8,000 – 10,000. And the quality is top-notch.

This is also why many businesses worldwide like to work with reliable brands like us, AddWeb Solution, for their development projects.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a React Developer

Several factors influence the cost of hiring a React developer, which ultimately increases your technical project’s price.

Let’s explore these factors and how they impact the overall investment. So, if you are thinking about these factors, let’s try to understand:

The scope and complexity of the project

The complexity and scope of your project play a significant role in determining the cost of hiring React JS developers.

You will need more time and expertise to develop more extensive and intricate functionalities in your project.

As a result, the price will be affected accordingly.

Composition of the development team

The composition of the development team is another factor. Larger and more complex projects often require a broader team with specialized skills.

Hiring additional team members increases the overall cost of hiring React JS developers.

Deadline of the project deadline

The price of hiring a React developer is determined based on hourly rates.

Therefore, if your project takes more time to complete, it will cost more as you need to pay for all these hours.

You must consider this element also when trying to hire a React developer.

The region from which you hire a developer

Hourly wages for technical services vary significantly across different global markets. This allows you to partner with skilled experts at a reasonable price.

Remote collaboration allows you to select the best React JS developers based on their cost and performance quality.

This is another element to keep in mind.


You need to keep numerous things in mind when hiring a React Developer for your time. Even then, your hiring may not be cost-effective. You must outsource your React project to reliable vendors like us, AddWeb Solution.

Having worked with numerous businesses on their React development projects, we know what you need and how to deliver it. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring React developers or how to pay them.

We take care of all that while offering incredible value-adding and expert services. To find the best React developers in India, check out our portfolio and speak to our customer service team.

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