Reformed the eCommerce Website for Intuitive User Experience and Ease of Buying by Integrating Shopify with Customized Features and Functionalities Focusing on the Users.

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Assessing the current eCommerce limitations of Packsys.

The client was using age-old eCommerce technology, limiting the website from functioning at its full capacity and compromising the user experience. They were looking for an experienced Shopify development agency to help them out. Client wanted to overcome a few challenges, such as:

About Packsys: An established brand with 20 years of active business tenure, Packsys is one of the most respected names in Mexico, selling packaging adhesives and products. The USP of the brand was environment-friendly products with the 3R Model, which stands for Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

How we went about addressing the pain points of the client.

As the business was looking to expand its eCommerce business and push its image, we knew the challenges involved. We also adopted a quick and detailed approach to the site’s development.

As we needed a Shopify eCommerce development team, we put together a team that consisted of developers and strategists. Using agile methodology, we designed a plan to deliver a user-focused eCommerce platform and comprehensive technology to the client with ways to make the site work better and the website inventory management easier for the client.


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Creating a unique shopping experience for users with a focus on simplicity.

The focus of the entire project was decided to be on two important elements—user experience and inventory management. Our Shopify store development team revamped the website by integrating Shopify and a suitable theme. We also added the user sign-up/login functionality to streamline the process and resource pages to educate users. Checkout process integration was another major element we paid attention to make it fast, easy, and simple. In addition, our Shopify development services team has also integrated the following features:

Striking Features

A quick overview of the important features added to Packsys.

Analytics reports

Analytics reports help clients understand the website traffic data and user behavior to help them devise their SEO, content, and product strategies.

Product-category management

It helps the website admin manage the product category effectively, helping them manage products well while also making navigation for users easy to reach their products.

Page management

The client can now manage the page easily. They can add content and remove it based on the product listings.

Product purchase and shipping records

This feature allows the client to accurately keep track of product purchases and shipments and record it. These records can use for policy, strategy, and decision-making processes.

Centralized inventory

Centralized inventory helps the client to manage their inventory better and always be on top of the stock. It helps the client reduce idle stock while ensuring enough stock to meet orders optimally.

Online payment using PayPal

Improved the speed and security of the online payment option with PayPal payment gateway to make the users feel confident about making purchases on the website.

eCommerce Store Screenshots

Get to know how the website looks and feels now.

Packsys home
Packsys nature
Packsys payment
Packsys product detail
Packsys product listing
Packsys search
Packsys services
Packsys cart
Packsys casestudy page

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

“ Despite being a leading brand in the industry with 20 years of experience with an environment-friendly product philosophy, we struggled to expand our business. We realized that capitalizing more on the eCommerce industry was a major reason for this and that our website needed more core functionalities to deliver a full user experience. As an experienced Shopify development company, AddWeb Solution understood our dilemma perfectly and devised a strategy that worked perfectly for us. The eCommerce integration was the best part. We could focus on the customers again. Thank you for helping us overcome our business challenges with your team of top-notch eCommerce developers. ”

Glimpse of unmatched outcome.

The result of the project was a modern-looking and unique website with a seamlessly integrated Shopify platform for better user experience and easy inventory management. We integrated the PayPal payment gateway to help users make easy purchases and payments. To help customers learn about each product, YouTube videos were integrated, improving users’ experience on the website. All in all, the new website with Shopify to help looks sleek, impressive, and engaging to the users while also being exceedingly easy to manage for Packsys.

With our eCommerce solution, it did not take more time for Packsys to see glowing results like:


Lower Bounce Rate


More Traffic Growth


Faster Website


More Product Interaction


Reduced Back-end Management Time


Improved in CTR


Growth in ROI

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