How AddWeb helped PilotCity to bring innovative features for youth to get project-based internships.

Pilotcity SaaS platform for Education
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Identifying the PilotCity pain points.

The main challenge for the PilotCity team was to provide more accessible solutions to employers, teachers, and schools by:

  1. Enhancing the existing SaaS platform with various ADKs
  2. Embedding new programs
  3. Streamlining the deployment of various back-end activities
  4. Move the existing portal to the Microservice Architecture
  5. Improve the front-end and back-end architecture

About PilotCity: PilotCity is an edtech startup started in 2015 with a mission of enabling youths to shape the future of their communities and cities. Through innovative work-based learning systems, PilotCity believes that students can become engines for innovation, benefitting the places in which they live. PilotCity believes that we must grow our own culture of innovation, starting with the massive sums of students in our schools, in partnership with our teachers and employers.


How do we elevate the PilotCity SaaS platform with bug fixes, new features, and much more?

The first step involved a lot of research and brainstorming for a well-defined project approach. Our experts have identified the strengths, weaknesses, and objectives to define the project roadmap.

After a thorough audit, it was clear the existing structure was not scalable; hence, our initial approach was to make the existing platform stable by identifying and fixing the bugs instead of adding new features.

Keeping in mind the project’s goals, deliverables, and client’s needs, we’ve prepared a well-defined skill matrix [UX/UI experts, Vue JS & Node JS engineers, MongoDB engineers, QA engineers, and DevOps] and a detailed roadmap for the enhancements to be taken care of.

We follow a mutually agreed approach to handle two-way communication for the betterment of the project effectively.

Once the nuts and bolts were gathered, it was time for the AddWeb solution experts to start the project execution.


Team Members




Features Enhanced


Client Calls

The lethal solution for the enhanced PilotCity SaaS Platform.

It was time to start the action with the formulation of the right team and Agile development process for the SaaS Platform:

Embedded various Activity Development Kits (ADKs)

Employers can create various internship programs for interns, and students can enroll themselves with the help of different ADKs. Starting from Start, Scope, Community, Team, Train, Research, Tinker, Ideate, Pitch, Forum, Make, Autoapply, and Interview, various ADKs are enhanced and added to the PilotCity SaaS platform. Also, it empowered the users to lock/unlock the ADKs as and when needed.

Enhanced the PilotCity SaaS platform with innovative features.

To help clients seize the marketplace, we’ve worked on incorporating innovative features for students, teachers, and employers. As PilotCity follows the SaaS-based revenue model, we implemented token functionality where students can purchase a program with tokens.

Integration of payment gateway.

Our integration experts have implemented a stripe payment gateway that helps PilotCity users quickly checkout.

Ported the backend of PilotCity to the Microservice-based architecture.

Considering the complexities related to the migration of backend services, our team of Vue JS experts has ensured the migration is smoother and flawless.

A simplified testing process with Automation.

Testing is an iterative and continuous process that the PilotCity team wanted to streamline. And our selenium automation experts have helped automate the entire testing process for the features delivered. This has dramatically reduced the number of issues, time, and effort spent testing the end-to-end functionality.

Standardized the deployment process with CI/CD.

The client’s other goal was to scale their business, implement a DevOps culture, and standardize the manual deployment processes. Our CI/CD experts implemented effective automated quality gates for the Continuous Integration portion of the CI-CD pipeline for PilotCity that help the client increase the user experience of a web app.

Striking Features

A sneak peek of PilotCity’s features.

3rd Party API Integrations

Starting from DocuSign, Google, Calendar, Webhook to Microsoft Graph, multiple 3rd party integrations to uplift the functionality of PilotCity.

Multiple Logins

Integrate multiple login functionality for teachers, students, and employers to help PilotCity manage the database for students, teachers, and employers.

Verified Login & Sign-ups

Now verify the users logging into PilotCity with the help of registered phone numbers via SMS and authenticate them easily.

Revamped ADKs

Streamline the overall process in PilotCity with the help of various custom activity development kits designed to help users perform specific activities quickly.

Program Sharing

Program sharing is simplified! Now employers or school users can create, manage, and share the programs via shareable URLs.

Easily Lock/Unlock ADKs

Now, PilotCity users can easily lock or unlock the ADKs on the go with the help of an intuitive GUI.

App Screenshots

Snapshot of Enhanced PilotCity Portal.

Build project
Welcome back
Join the family
Be a PiloCity School
Choose option
Invite friends
Explore employers

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what qura client says about our work.

“ Our ultimate goal was to uplift the feature offerings while adopting Continuous Delivery practices to enable faster releases, improve portal quality and streamline engineering workflows and bug fixes. The AddWeb Solution team went miles ahead to ensure we enhanced our existing PilotCity portal to build the front-end and from the backend, keeping in mind our business needs and overcoming the challenges we faced. ”

Meet the Magicians Who Work their magic Using these Props!

Saurabh Dhariwal

Rajeev Agarwal

Ashish Jain

Jigish Chauhan

Ravi Maniyar

Pooja Upadhyay

Pooja Upadhyay

Ashutosh Kumar

Ankur Sharma

What PilotCity Team has earned from us

The client has witnessed an enhanced PilotCity portal with tons of new ADKs designed to fulfill their business needs. Along with this, AddWeb Solution has helped PilotCity to introduce new programs designed to cater diverse requirements of teachers, students, and employers while moving the existing portal to the Microservice-based architecture.

The selenium automation has helped the client reduce the overall functional defect count. And implementation of CI/CD has helped the client achieve reduced downtime during the releases and faster deployment of the critical functionalities.

PilotCity has managed to achieve great results like:

  • The upgraded delivery lifecycle for the future deployments of PilotCity Portal.
  • Significantly improved PilotCity portal’s quality.
  • 35% Student Engagement increase.
  • 30% Employer Increase.
  • 20% cost reduction with the help of automation.
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