Christmas Celebrations At AddWeb

This is how AddWeb Solution celebrated the memorial birth of Jesus on 25th December 2019. Celebrations in the working environment could be captivating.

It’s a time when again this religious festival is celebrated by billions of people in the world. Persistently, AddWeb Solution celebrates this festival by playing games, music, cake cutting, distributing gifts, and by capturing the moments.

Office Decorations

Office was decorated with stars, bells, lights and the desk all got decorated with cotton, Christmas tree, gifts, star, bells and a Christmas wish.

Office Decoration

Games and Fun

It’s all fun & games till Santa checks the naughty list.

Two of the fun games planned by the HR were played in the premises.

  • Secret chit chat game
  • Secret santa game

Secret chit chat game:

In this game the employees were told to pick one chit each, each chit had a name written on it. And the person had to write something for the person whose name appeared on the chit. And place the sticky note on the decorated Christmas board.

Secret chit chat game

Secret Santa Game:

Be someone’s secret Santa. Here, everyone was asked to pick a name from the chit bowl, everyone had to get gifts for the one whose name got appeared on the chit. And gift to your colleague secretly.

Both of the games planned brought a lot of excitement, mystery, fun and smiles on faces.

Secret Santa Game

It’s Party Time

After the working hours of the celebrate

ion began, the AddWeb family was asked to get dressed in red and be there to have fun, with gifts in hands and smiles on faces. The sweet, yummy cake got cut and was enjoyed by the family.

Then two of our family members, Mr. Karan and Mr. Dharmit, made us all laugh by their amazing appearance as santas. Cute and full of humor.

christmas Party Time

Gifts Distribution

Gift of Christmas is a reminder that we are loved.

Now is the time to get surprised, the Santas brought gifts with full excitement and mystery, as no one knew what the gift was, and who gifted it. Our two of the Santas distributed the gifts and captured several moments.


And lastly all come is food and dance. All the members of this official space celebrated the festival with all dance and food lastly. 

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