Trip to the Ranthambore

AddWeb Solution went on an exciting, fun trip to witness the Nature’s beauty in the heart of the jungle at Ranthambore National Park situated in northern India covering an area of 1334 sq. km. today. It is famous for its Bengal Tigers, and lastly, we were able to experience their roar as well. 

Let’s take a glance at this fun, exciting, knowledgeable trip in both formal and informal ways. 

Departure from Ahmedabad to Ranthambore National Park

Way to Ranthambore National Park

AddWebers packed up their bags and jumped on the bus with excitement, smiles, and ready for the upcoming fun. And we departed.

Sanctuary Resorts: Home for the next two days

Sanctuary Resorts

We arrived at our interim location for the next few days. This resort is situated in close proximity to Aravali hills and adjacent to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. We arrived around 12: 00 pm, after settling into rooms and having warm baths. We were served with the delicious delicacy of Rajasthan, Dal Bati Churma. Once getting relaxed by hunger pangs we went on to our safari.

Hunt for wildlife

Hunt for wildlife

By this statement, it didn’t literally mean for Hunt. Once done for lunch we all got intact with waterbottles and cameras in hand to witness the beauty of wildlife. 3 safaris were hired having a capacity of 20 each. Once getting done with the security check and jumping into safaris. We entered a zone rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna. We had an amazing experience of watching Tiger. Their roar could be felt in the goosebumps on our bodies. I could rightfully say that we were blessed with Lord Ganesha to have such an amazing sighting. Packed with experience, thrill, and adventure, we finished our trip to reserve and returned to the resort.

Thoda Fun, Thodi Masti

Fun Time

Once coming back from the reserve, amazing music and lights were set up by our HR, to get our bodies heated up by dance moves. We all jumped on to the dance floor having crazy moves and girls were all set to show their thumkas. Burning calories on the dance floor it was necessary to fill up the stomach with food to have amazing sleep. We all headed up to have dinner where the bonfire was assembled. Having yummy Punjabi food we all headed to have sweet dreams in our allotted rooms.

Monuments are glimpses of our past

Day 2 at the Ranthambore started. We experienced chilly windy mornings, no-one felt coming out of the bed, but a visit to another 2 beauties was still left. Once getting done with tea and coffee, all jumped into warm showers and got dressed up. Nutritious and delicious breakfast was ready waiting for all. Getting packed with energy and food we all jumped into the bus and headed to another experience.


We were on the way to idolize Ganesha Temple and Ranthambore Fort. Ranthambore Fort is the architect of the mid 10th century. Entering into the fort we came across several barriers that were made for the invaders and some beautiful spots. The view from the top of the fort was captivating. We captured the moment and then headed towards the Ganesha Temple where we worshipped the only idol of Ganesha having three eyes, rightly said as the Trinetra Ganesha. Having fun experiences we get into the bus, back to the resort to pack our bags.

Back to pavilion

Back to pavilion

We had some supper and got loaded back into the bus and left for Ahmedabad at 5:30 pm. In the midway we stopped to have dinner and utilize our left energy to gossip and have more fun. AddWebers were all having fun on slides and swinging, becoming children for sometime. After around 2 hrs we all jumped back on seats and reached back to the location. This trip made all of us know more about each other apart from what we learned exploring at Ranthambore.

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