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The Business Needs

Learning the Business’s Requirements

AweVenture is a corporate event management company looking to grow it's business and profitability. However, their biggest challenge was scaling their operations according to the growing demands of their clients, as their current event management application was not doing a great job. They constantly face many issues, such as under-booking of events, being unable to manage the participants, failure to communicate the schedule of events, etc. This has created a massive issue for the brand's image as they serve some of the market's most respected brands and businesses.

AweVenture organized offline and online events for its clients. Those who wish to attend these events can do so by purchasing tickets or subscriptions. Unlike other businesses, AweVenture was trying to deliver the best event experiences to everyone, including the organizers, sponsors, participants, and resource persons.


However, as they were unable to improve the quality of the events and scale their operations according to growing demands, they were looking for a reliable Laravel development agency that could:


  • Understand the demands of the industry.
  • Add a variety of features for users and app admins.
  • Ensure an immersive user experience for every app user.
  • Develop an event management app cost-effectively.
  • Create a robust app with high performance.
  • Complete the development quickly.


About AweVenture: AweVenture is an established event management brand that offers diverse event management services to corporate businesses and enterprises. They understand what businesses are looking for when organizing an event and what they must do to deliver the best experiences for their users, organizers, sponsors, etc. Therefore, AweVenture wants to deliver the most value-adding event experiences for businesses to expand their brand reach, create lasting relationships with other businesses, and scale their operations.

Our Approach

How AddWeb Solution approached the project for efficiency and value.

Having discussed the project's goal, we decided to conduct extensive interviews with the respective people in the business to understand the challenges they were facing with their current event management application. Not only did we understand that the current app lacked features, but it also failed to make event management easier. As we have already worked on a few similar projects delivering Laravel development services, we were able to understand the issues and how to resolve them quickly. Our team also conducted extensive industry research to learn about the trends and business expectations to ensure that the app is comprehensive in every way.


As we wanted to deliver an exceptional event management website and app for the clients, we planned the entire development and deployment process with the client. This included looking out for the infrastructure, the technologies we use, the tools we leverage, and the human resources we require to complete the project seamlessly. Once everything was set, we also designed a blueprint to follow so the entire team was on the same page.


After setting everything for the project, we moved to set up the project management. We used Agile project management methodology for the same as we wanted to ensure quality and efficiency at the same time. To work on the project, we set up a team of Laravel experts, web designers, QA professionals, and DevOps experts who have already worked on similar projects.



Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


How our Laravel development team pulled off the project successfully.

We began the project after gathering all the requirements of the client. We also set the schedule for the project. To ensure that the users have the best experience, we started with the design of the app. Easy navigation and user experience were the design team's focus when we designed the application. We have a few consultation calls with the client to make sure that the aesthetics we were going with matched the client’s design visions. We made changes to a few areas when the client had a better or different suggestion in terms of design.


After the design was locked, we moved to developing the application. Our Laravel developers crafted the app quickly, considering the inputs and design we had already developed. The service offerings of the clients were also integrated with the app along with the payment gateway, as the client wanted to receive payments for their services on the app itself. We also created multiple profiles for the users, organizers, and administrators with diverse capabilities, features, and options to manage service as per their needs.


Before delivering the app, we also tested the same extensively for performance, quality, and other issues. During the testing, we found a couple of issues with the performance, which we addressed quickly. The app was delivered to the client after a detailed demonstration. In the end, the client was able to get an improved and better application with the following capabilities:


Search Bar


Users can search the app using the names of events, artists, keywords, etc.


Event Details


Users can get full details of the events listed on the application. The details included the date and time, venue, description, geolocation of the event, description, food stores, artist images, and much more.


Buy and Cancel Tickets


Users can buy tickets to their favorite events right on the app itself. On purchasing the ticket, the details of the transaction and tickets are mailed to the user. The users can also cancel the ticket they bought and receive confirmation mail for the same.


Upcoming Events


The users can view and gather details of all the upcoming events listed on the app. This allows users to check any upcoming event, plan to attend the same, and book tickets in advance using the app.


User Profile


Here, the user has many functions that they can use, such as:


  • View, update, change, and profile.
  • Search the app for events, artists, etc., using keywords.
  • See the complete details of the events.
  • View upcoming events and view both artist and event listings.
  • Buy or cancel tickets and receive mail for the same.
  • Cancel the ticket & receive mail for the same.


Admin Profile


Admin users have an admin dashboard with options, such as Revenue, Events, Event Categories, Artist Expertise, Artist, Food Stores, Total Users, Total Organizers, etc. Using the same, they can manage:


  • Artists and Artist Expertise
  • Food Stores
  • Ticket Category
  • Events and Event Categories
  • Event Organizer
  • Unverified Events
  • Frontend Content - CMS Manager, Banners, FAQs, Templates, etc.
  • General Settings, Social links, Currency
  • Admin Profiles (View and Edit)


Organizer Profile


The organizer gets an Organizer Dashboard with such options as Events, Total Revenue, Food Stores, Artists, and Sold Tickets. Using the dashboard, the organizer can manage the following:


  • Artists and Artist Experts
  • Food Stores
  • Ticket Category
  • Events and Event Categories
  • Own Profile (View and Edit)

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After developing and setting up the app for the client, we received the following feedback from AweVenture.

Let me start by saying that you are the best Laravel development company we have worked with for a long time. Your team was highly professional and understood our requirements perfectly. It was very easy to communicate with them as they already understood what we were looking for. Your team was also very proactive in telling us about the challenges with the app and whether we can improve our app. This helped us improve the quality of the event management application considerably. You were also very timely and never delayed the development once to complete it way before the schedule. I will surely recommend your Laravel development company to anyone looking for professional, reliable Laravel development services. Thank you!

Kelly Byrne


Final Outcome

After deploying the project client witnessed excellent results.

After completing the project and launching the application, the client witnessed excellent results in terms of user satisfaction and productivity. The client also saved a lot of time in managing the events as the app made it extremely easy.



Increased App Users in Last 2 Months


Increased Organizers Inquiries


User Satisfaction Went Up


Reduced Event Management Time

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