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The Business Needs

Understanding what BackFeed+ was looking for.

BackFeed+ already had their website and app running. However, they approached us because of a few bugs in their app and performance issues. They wanted to work with an agency with ample experience offering react native development services. The application was looking to serve organizations and drive a culture of encouragement and feedback, so user experience was very important for the client. AddWeb Solution realized that the bugs were affecting the app's performance, and we decided that fixing them was the priority.

As the app focused on delivering the best experiences for all its users, a few bugs and performance issues were bothering the client. Hence, they wanted to hire React developers who could:


  • Understand the bugs in the app quickly
  • Fix the bugs effectively to improve the app
  • Assess the app and find out performance issues
  • Fix the performance concerns of the app on multiple devices
  • Provide comprehensive services cost-effectively for them


About BackFeed+ : A quick and efficient platform for collecting feedback from people that are qualified to give it—that’s what BackFeed+ is all about. The brand understands that employee feedback is important for businesses to deliver the most impressive experiences to their clients. Hence, it creates an environment where collecting feedback is easy, efficient, and accurate by customizing feedback. BackFeed+ offers three subscription plans that users can pick based on their preferences.

Our Approach

What approach did we take with the project?

The project's goal, as explained by the client, was to identify the bugs and fix them and improve the application's overall performance. Before moving further with the project, we gathered adequate information about the app, the issues faced by the users, and other performance concerns that the client had. Our idea was to get an account of the client's issues before investigating the app for further issues. For this, we had a few calls with the client and took all the details we needed to understand the problem from the client's perspective. In addition, we assessed and tested the app from our end to understand the issues so we could strategize the project accordingly.


At AddWeb Solution, we approach every project in a phased manner so that no issue is left unattended, and we can address the client's concerns comprehensively. We then planned everything from the tools, the talent we needed, and the technology infrastructure required to complete the project. As we have already worked on multiple projects along similar lines, we also developed a blueprint for the project.


After gathering all the required details and insights to fix bugs and performance concerns of the app, we also developed a project management plan. As we wanted the project to be efficient and time-bound, we decided to use the Agile methodology that allows continuous improvement. In addition, we also put together a team comprising React native developers, app testers, quality assurance engineers, etc.



Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


Client Calls


How AddWeb Solution addressed the client's challenges.

After gathering all the information and insights needed, we planned the project considering the requirements and deadline provided by the client. We started by assessing the app and its performance. This also helped us understand if the bugs themselves caused the performance issues. The investigation helped us understand the issues with social login and tribe listing tabs.


Once the issues were identified, we used the React native developers and quality assurance engineers to fix the issues. We also separated the tribe listing tab by adding filters on the invited and accepted members lists. We added more features to improve the app's performance, such as the function to manage tribes and their feedback, multi-channel feedback, the dashboard for overall feedback, etc.


Before wrapping up the project, we tested and assessed the app comprehensively to ensure all bugs were identified and fixed. The app's performance was also evaluated on multiple devices and platforms to meet the quality benchmarks set by the client for the app's performance.


Our team of React native developers were able to:


  • Comprehensively fix all the bugs in the app
  • Improved the app's performance effectively
  • Helped improve profile management on the app
  • Ensure system access based on subscription

Striking Features

The application was made feature-rich by adding the following functionalities to make the app even more user friendly and easy to manage.


Sneak peek of our redeveloped website.

BackFeed+ Blog Page
BackFeed+ Contact Us Page
BackFeed+ Download Page
BackFeed+ FAQ Page
BackFeed+ Home Page
BackFeed+ How it Works Page
BackFeed+ Partner Program Page
BackFeed+ Plans & Pricing Page
BackFeed+ Privacy Policy Page
BackFeed+ Product Tour Page
BackFeed+ Resources Page

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

After completing the project, what our client says about our work.

First of all, we would like to thank your team of brilliant developers and project managers for quickly completing the project without compromising on the quality of the project. We are extremely happy that we chose AddWeb Solution as the React native development partner for this project. The team was excellent and professional. They understood the assignment very well and knew what was required. They were also very receptive to our team's suggestions, were courteous, and helped us understand the technical nuances at times. This was the best collaboration with an offshore team in a long time. We thank you for the wonderful professional experience and recommend your React native development services to anyone looking to hire React developers.

Libby Robinson


Final Outcome

Would you like to know the outcome of the project? Let’s find out.

After releasing the updated version of the app, the client received an overwhelmingly positive response from the market and its users. They not only were able to improve sales, but overall user satisfaction also went up.



Increased Sign Ups for Free Plan


People Upgrades Free Plans with Premium


Increased User Satisfaction Rates


Increased Request a Demo Clicks

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