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The Business Needs

Identifying the BBZ German Language Schools’ pain points.

With the rising number of students and their interest in job-related needs-based exams the BBZ Language Schools were finding it difficult to cope with fulfilling the requests manually. Besides this, the language learning provider was facing a few key challenges, such as:


  1. The tedious manual process of student registration, which was time-consuming
  2. Difficulty handling the vast records of students
  3. Scheduling and managing multiple courses offline
  4. Keeping track of payments for different courses
  5. Wide usage of tools to manage the entire exam booking process
  6. Dreading job of admin to handle back-end operations

About BBZ Language School: A part of the Kiry Group of Companies, the BBZ Language Schools, are renowned for their offerings in training, coaching, and implantation of activation and placement measures since 1987. As an integrator course provider in Germany, the organization focuses on needs-based German courses and job-related German language support.

Users of BBZ

Our Approach

How do we help BBZ Language Schools go digital?

Once the project was on-boarded, the main challenge for the AddWeb Solution team was to turn the vision into a broader idea that would not be limited to a given community of learners but also makes a change on a larger geographical scale.

After long brainstorming and project planning sessions, we could shed more light on the approach to kick start the project. We followed a holistic approach to simplify the task into three parts: Students, Examination Centers, and the Administrator.


To meet the client’s requirement, AddWeb Solution decided to go ahead with a web-based platform that digitized the entire exam booking process using laravel development: from student registration to automatic payments, designing courses, and more. To map the scope of work, we aligned UI/UX experts, Laravel developers, QA professionals, and front-end resources to manage the design visualization.


A thorough analysis of potential users, the market, the competitors, and industry expectations was done to plan the design, functionality, and usability of the unique job-related german language learning school.




Team Members




Client Calls


Line of code


The expert and unique solution for BBZ Learning School's problems

The ultimate goal was to expand the idea of BBZ Language School to let the students appear for the language exams smoothly without any tedious registration process. AddWeb Solution has created and launched an online portal for job-related German language learning & certification with an intuitive user interface, automating the exam booking process. Our team integrated various tools that aid in enabling course management, geographic locations of the exam centers, user management, and student profile management.


Considering the positive response from BBZ's all-new exam booking system, the client is now working with us for mobile app development to bring more innovative features to improve the user experience with the help of Flutter technology. 

Striking Features

Getting familiar with the BBZ Language School portal

Web App Screenshots

Glimpse of brand new BBZ Language School portal & web app

 German Language Learning Portal
 German Language Learning System
BBZ Portal
German Language School
BBZ Web App
BBZ Website
BBZ German Language School
Book German Language Online
BBZ Web Application
BBZ German Website
BBZ Online Exam Booking
BBZ Admin App
BBZ Book your exam
BBZ Language Learning School in Germany

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Check out what our client says about our work.

Despite the existence of several online exam booking portals, the language aspirants were always in dire need of a platform to meet their language learning demand in the market. And that’s where AddWeb Solution came to rescue us by developing the custom functionalities while keeping the language learning portal engaging. They were versatile to help us get a robust platform yet to be integrated with custom features developed to enhance the overall experience.

Hartmut Kiry


Final Outcome

Take a look at the benefits gained by BBZ Language School

Upon the successful launch in the promised timeline, the client thanked the whole team of AddWeb Solution. The newly launched BBZ Language School portal is greatly appreciated by the client and language learning aspirants globally. The client has managed to achieve great results like:


  • The increased global reach of the BBZ Language School
  • The streamlined exam booking process
  • Well-managed payment and revenue cycles
  • 300+ Students registered so far
  • 5+ Examination centers listed
  • 30% Increased revenue for BBZ Language Schools
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