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“ Happy with the WordPress maintenance work AddWeb team is doing and also thankful for their SEO efforts to help us with increase in our sales. ”

About Project

Since 1946 offers the largest assortment & finest quality frozen fish online.

Bradley’s are a third-generation family business, delivering over 200 types of fresh frozen fish from around the world at your doorsteps. Bradley’s Fish website is a WordPress + Woocommerce based website selling fresh and frozen fishes and other seafood items. AddWeb helped them to build and design a platform to enhance website speed, and integrate creative pop-ups on the website. 

We crafted several features for our clients like display of their product, comparison between two products was also served from our end, we also helped them to enhance their user experience, and initiate quick payments for them. Various gateway options were also added from our end. Apart from the above-mentioned features, many more features were added, for better indulgence as well as better experience of customers, keeping in mind “speed is the key – in the digital world”.

Country: United Kingdom

Industry: eCommerce

Our U.K based client Bradley’s Fish main concern was that of migrating their WordPress e-commerce shop to AWS. With both migration of website sources and data, they also wanted us to speed up the website and innovate a catchy website for themselves.


Home Page

The design adds value faster than it adds cost. Renovating the design was a good thought for providing the site with new life. The attractive colour schemes and the animations provided the site with more oxygen. Keeping the concerned customers in mind, we displayed all the special offers, gift cards, and the newly added item on the top of the page so that it becomes easy for the customers to know the benefits and also make them stay updated to the products available. The high quality featured products, and recipes are all displayed on the page to make it easy for the customer’s reach.


In this fast enviorment, we want our food to be tastier but to be prepared faster. Hence looking at the needs of concerned customers, we provided a space where we update the best easy and fast recipes for customers. Now they can easily buy the ingredients and know the best way to cook it at the same place. We also served them with diversified payment gateway options so that it becomes easy for customers to pay with the best-trusted option for them. We also aimed at enhancing the display of products to make the website move attractive, which can grab customers’ trust.

Special offer

Specials Offer

The Specials Offer of the brand should always shine differently on the site. We understand the concern; hence we made all the Specials Offer of Bradley’s Fish mentioned on a single page, which makes it easy for the customers to find the particulars, and it also makes it easy for the brand to mention their speciality on one platform. We also aimed at making their website work smoothly by optimizing the speed aiming to make the site faster. We implemented the WordPress cache, which optimized assets and follows best practices to load the website in a faster manner. Now without wasting time, customers can search the best of their wanted products.


Client Calls


Team Members


Speed Improve by DevOps


Line of code




Increased Operational Efficiency

Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop Bradley’s Fish website.

It also comes as a relief when our customer feels satisfied and happy with our work. It was an amazing experience working with our UK based client. We aimed at providing life to the website by changing the clour scheme and adding themes and animations to the website. Creative popups make the website attractive and eye-catchy, it leaves a nice impression on the mind of viewers. A nice impression of the website gains trust and compels the customer to buy from the website. We also served them by optimizing the speed, which makes their website much faster than before.

A new section of specials was added from our side which mentioned all the special delicacies of the brand. Now customers directly can jump to the section of specials and find the best of what they want. Valuing the time of our customers we made a whole new page wherein we showcase the delicious recipes which dont take a longer time to get prepared. So now customers can find ingredients and recipes at the same place. We also added a section where we compare the products for them and make them know what is best for them. Making an attractive and effective website is not enough, the customers should also be benefitted by the updates. AddWeb was pleased to know that Bradley’s Fish review page was shinning with stars and amazing customer comments.

It was pleasing to help the food industry reach new heights. You also want to update your WordPress website and let our creative people work for you.

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