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Earns 576% Increase in Paid Search Revenue

Happy with the WordPress maintenance work AddWeb team is doing and also thankful for their SEO efforts to help us with increase in our sales.

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The Challenge

Bradley Fish is a very old company but from the past few months, their sales showed a gradual downfall which also resulted in growth graph sloping downwards. They wanted us to make strategies and plan which can help them boost their sales and help them grow. 

Bradley Fish previously had a shoddy experience with their agency. Their campaign didn’t have a clear direction towards goals and lacked strategy and testing. They were also lacking in key performance indicators (KPIs). We used certain strategies like Google Ads campaign, Email marketing, which helped them increase their conversion rates and would increase in their growth. 

We also focused on using the precise budget given and made it possible to boost their sales and improvised their growth graph. 


Country: United Kingdom

Industry: E-Commerce

The Approach

We focused on improvisation and best practices.

AddWeb team shifted the client’s strategy and focused on key areas. We worked on our strategies. AddWeb team established objectives that set goals across search and display to achieve the key result. We created YouTube TrueView ads and display ads with custom intent to achieve key results.


Our strategies helped to increase the conversion rate and also increase the lifetime value (LTV) for them. Rather than using a budget in all directions we also focused to use the budget effectively towards achieving our targeted goal. It was contentment to see that our strategies did work for them and we saw a nice boost in sales.


Measuring success

AddWeb SEO established a comprehensive measurement plan which included all the objectives, goals, KPIs, and advanced segments for monitoring further the growth of the campaign in real-time. Detail analytics with litigable insights was provided for future strategies and plans.


More conversions, A lower rate

Bradley Fish asked us to untangle issues and improvise ad efficiency. We crafted a campaign and digital marketing which updated approach to Google Ads and also included Google Display Networks. We focused on ad-retargeting. We made custom goals in Google Analytics to measure of marketing strategies in a better way. This all resulted to increase the conversion rate an improve the lifetime value (LTV).


Making the change

AddWeb Solution team narrowed the targeted audience to get maximum relevance for every ad served. We also focused on targeting new areas and also towards potential customers. The keywords were used effectively and at the correct place which helped in boosting the performance. Instagram targeting and dupe audience responded positively towards the offers and content showcased. Google Display Network ads targeted for users to know about this historic, reliable and modernizing seafood brand.

A Few Stats About Project


Team Members


Traffic Increase


Revenue Increase


of Revenue From New Users


Organic Traffic Increase


CPA Reduce


With the improvised strategy, we were able to increase 27% of monthly sales, approaches, potential customers, their KPI also increased by 30%. With quick optimizations and testing, we increased the conversion rates and decrease the cost per acquisition. Google Ads campaign targeted a huge amount of potential customers at the same time. Once getting the results of our campaign we focussed on remarketing and in-market audience. This campaign was very successful and increased sales by 127% and also showed a gradual growth of 10% to 20%.

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