ByondXR assists brands in creating virtual 3D stores accessible on their websites.

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The Business Needs

Beautiful, Fast, Seamless Metaverse Experience

ByondXR comprehended the need to create virtual stores for brands that provide a real shopping experience for their customer.

Trusted Brands of ByondXR

Lancome Paris
Armani Beauty
Calvin Klein

Our Approach

How AddWeb Solution Meets the ByondXR Requirements

Component-oriented programming was the key to creating features for the existing virtual store enhancements.


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Features Enhanced



When ByondXR came to us with this requirement of customized features for their existing virtual store, it was challenging but exciting. They wanted us to develop features that could enhance their current customers’ experience and attract new customers to their store. To cater to the client’s needs, we have provided them with some over-the-top features will talk below. Our offshore development team created a platform that uses an internally built real-time visualization engine, a cloud-based rendering, and optimization algorithm and provided improved visuals, performance, and functionality to its customers.

AddWeb Solution feels proud of being an early adopter of this metaverse eCommerce solution, and we are dedicated to our client’s success. We worked round the clock with much love and passion for giving them the most excellent solution to effortlessly accelerate the digital transformation of their businesses and gain their customers’ loyalty.


Beautiful, Fast, Seamless Metaverse Experience

ByondXR, already having established itself as a leading platform for metaverse shopping, wanted to expand its feature offerings, requiring an advanced level of technocrats. Hence, they were looking for collaboration with an offshore technology partner who could satiate their demand for technology to fuel their vision. The amalgamation of ByondXR and AddWeb was a perfect opportunity for both to capitalize on the metaverse bandwagon, which has been future of the eCommerce.

Forbes says “ByondXR make e-commerce more natural, less computerized, and more personal”

We created an interface that would allow the customers to see and interact with products in the most photorealistic way possible while tracking their user journeys and conversions in real-time. We used augmented reality tools to allow users to check out items in the comfort of their homes, giving them a whole new perspective. 

Mobile Share Button

Share the product URL with family & friends and involve them in your shopping experience


Answer a few questions and get the suitable products based on the demographics submitted

Media Overlay

Enhanced text & audio accessibility to create a continuous listening experience for those who cannot read the text

Cart Menu

Take a look at the products, add them individually to the cart as you walk through the virtual store


Enter into the virtual stores & experience the natural feel of products and buy them from the virtual store

Video Quest

A game for entertaining the users to stay on the site for long and engage them with some exciting questions about beauty products

Ingredients Game

Play the game by matching similar ingredients & earn various rewards by winning the game & earn referrals by referring a friend

App Screenshots

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Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Here is what our client say about us

“ In the pandemic time, when we are so reliant on the fastest, most dynamic, and most advanced technologies, we needed to find the highest quality solutions to ensure that our company could maintain its competitive edge and continue to deliver innovative products that our customers expect. We are delighted to have partnered with AddWeb Solution, as they have effectively addressed our requirements to create exceptional online visual presentations while reducing product delivery costs and saving time. ”

Meet the Magicians Who Work their magic Using these Props!

Saurabh Dhariwal

Rajeev Agarwal

Ashish Jain

Jigish Chauhan

Ravi Maniyar

Pooja Upadhyay

Pooja Upadhyay

Ashutosh Kumar

Ankur Sharma

With ByondXR, customers can enjoy the experience of real-time shopping virtually by allowing them to interact with the product and its features. Since its inception, many brands have taken advantage of ByondXR’s technology to create virtual stores, 3D visualizers, and showroom simulators.

Talking about Lancome, the company launched its first virtual store in the UK in February 2021, collaborating with ByondXR. Since then, Lancome has seen a 350% increase in customer engagement. Infact, the company is launching their 16th store with ByondXR.

AddWeb helped ByondXR in implementing various customized features for virtual stores. It was rewarding to see the impact of our work: On an average, visitors spend 250% more time in ByondXR’s virtual stores compared to other online versions.

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