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The client on-boarded with us at the beginning of 2021. The major challenge was to increase its daily website traffic & bring more business. The client wanted to dominate a highly competitive niche and rule high authority websites, similar domains, and other industry-leading players. The client was facing some critical challenges like:

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How we partnered with a cybersecurity firm and made it a success in very little time.

Client allocated some budget to promote Google Ad campaigns. But seeing the competitive nature of their business, He believed their SEO footprint was not so big enough to bring more business. The client paired up with AddWeb Solution to revamp their SEO strategy and get great results within their budget.

How we helped a leading cybersecurity firm to improve their search visibility and grow revenue in the most fiercely competitive market in the United States with our tactful organic SEO strategies. A thorough analysis of the A cybersecurity firm’s website (including the study of backlinks), competitors, and marketplace helped us gain a complete understanding of the brand’s current position and allowed us to put together a strategy focused on:

Our Strategies

We decided that the best strategy to achieve the desired results is to:

On page effort

On-Page Efforts

The major challenge was to make the site on-page ready. The cybersecurity firm’s website was under-optimized in terms of on-page SEO. Therefore, we have taken the following measures: Target keyword placements within the website, such as title tag, URL, etc, Included LSI keywords, Incorporated multimedia, such as videos, images, etc. to engage the target audience, Linked external resources and performed internal linking, Enhanced website to improve page loads.


Technical SEO efforts

Another important aspect where the cybersecurity firm’s website needed attention was rectifying the technical SEO mistakes. Various activities were performed from schema optimization, making the website mobile-friendly, fixing duplicate content issues, XML sitemap, and structured data markups to registering the site with Google search console.

Link building

Link building

We knew that a cybersecurity firm’s other requirement is to reach the top in the SERPs, and thus, we’ve built quality backlinks from different referral domains to improve URL rating. For the same, we’ve identified competitor link gaps and performed link building to leverage them.

Content promotion

Content promotion

Since the competition was high, it took some time to help a cybersecurity firm to get into the top 10 SERPs on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. We have started with regular blogs and articles related to the niche of a cybersecurity firm. Later, efforts were made to post at least 4-5 guest blogs and PRs every month to increase the visibility of a cybersecurity firm.

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

While cybersecurity is the most crowded industry, competition is fierce. The SERPs are filled with industry leaders. We were supposed to be very strategic about performing keyword research and uncovering the hidden topics targeted. We’ve performed detailed keyword research and performed a competitive analysis based on the different metrics such as domain rating, URL rating, backlinks, referring domains, and more.

Content and relavance topic

Content and topic relevance

As the website was ailing in terms of page-level optimization, we have planned to have a content strategy specific to the user intent to optimize a cybersecurity firm’s website alongside their competitors and achieve desired results within a short time span.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

Here is what our happy client say about us.

“ I came into this engagement with some apprehension but was totally taken away by AddWeb Solution’s commitment. Loads of initiative to try new things, trends, content changes and all with a keen eye on driving the results we are looking for. I am grateful for the tremendous success last year, looking forward to climbing more ladders of success together. ”

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Our Approach

How AddWeb Solution’s Meets the Client’s Requirement

Careful strategic implementations and combined organic SEO efforts of the AddWeb Solution team have helped a cybersecurity firm achieve excellent results in three months. A cybersecurity firm has managed to achieve great results like:

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