How AddWeb Solution developed a robust and intuitive business platform for the client to bring customers and service providers to find each other on a single platform.

On Demand Service

The Business Needs

Understanding the project requirements.

We develop a strong and reliable platform to enable clients and professionals to discover each other and book appointments as per their needs. Skilled professionals can create an account on the platform and optimize their profile for customers to find them and hire their services. The services can be offered online, and the customers can pay for the same online using the payment gateway integrated into the platform. This solution helped our client who is looking for an on-demand solution or an experienced on-demand app development services agency to help them.

Our Approach

How our on-demand app development team approached the project.

After deciding to work on the project, we decided to work on the project in a phased manner as we needed to start with the design. As we wanted to develop an on-demand app like Uber, we decided to do the homework to understand the challenges and opportunities from both design and development perspectives. Therefore, we decided to conduct extensive market research and an analysis of similar platforms in the market. We learned how leading on-demand apps like Uber and Urbancompany were designed and developed during the research.

We also looked at some customer feedback and reviews about the user experience and the platform’s design. This helped us understand the areas where we need to work to improve the design and user experience on the platform. We have also talked to professionals working in these industries to understand the unique pain points of the users and solve them.

After gathering the insights to design and develop the platform, we assembled a team to work on the project. The team consisted of expert developers, designers, and strategists who previously worked on on-demand app solutions. Further, we also devised a strategy to follow when developing the on-demand booking app.


Team meetings


Team Members


Man Hours


Functionalities Added


How we developed an on-demand app like Uber for our client.

During the brainstorming session, we knew the team needed to finalize the design philosophy. Throughout our interactions with the team, we understood that, as per the current trends, we need to develop smooth and simple designs that focus on user experience rather than designs that pop. This helped us make the design more subtle, simple, and efficient. We deliberately tried to reduce the navigation to make it easier for the users to reach their destination pages. We chose React for developing the front end as it brings diverse advantages to web applications. Once the design was done, we quickly moved on to the development part. We chose Django development due to its versatility, scalability, and ease of use.

Our team quickly realized the design after the preliminary elements were taken care of. Once that’s done, we moved on to the development part. During the development, the focus was on developing a fast-loading, efficient, and robust platform for everyone. We created separate rights for users, professionals, and the site admin, which makes the platform’s functioning super-efficient and streamlined. We integrated the Razorpay payment gateway to enable users to transact on the platform.

Having developed a site that satisfied our clients, testing remained the only thing that remained. We took it upon ourselves to test the website first on multiple browsers and mobile devices to ensure it renders well everywhere. We also tested the platform for performance, responsiveness, security, etc. After testing, we scheduled a detailed demonstration with our co-founders and team. We created three different user roles for the platform as follows:


This is the general user of the website. They look for services in their location and hire services from the professionals who publish their services on the platform. The users can compare professionals, rate them, share feedback, etc.


The professionals are the service providers who can demonstrate their services and offerings on the platform. The platform lets them share their pricing, USPs, ratings, and feedback from previous projects. The platform has a payment gateway to receive the payment on the site itself.


These profiles are for the website admins, who can use their rights to manage the users and professionals. They can limit the rights of both users and professionals. Admins also have the option to check any policy or privacy violation from the users and monitor all types of profiles on the platform.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

When we delivered the platform to one of our clients after development and testing, we got an exciting response from the client. Read it below.

“ I want to thank the entire team at AddWeb Solution that worked on our project. The website is exceptional in every sense of the word. It has come out much better than we envisioned. The team was an absolute pressure to work with. They understood the assignment, went out of their way to get it right, listened to us patiently, and corrected us when needed. This is the best agency experience we have had in a long time. We have talked with diverse agencies offering on-demand booking app development services, but none were as professional and knowledgeable as you were. Thank you for the great work, and we will come back for more of your services. ”

Final Outcome

Three months into the release of the website, the business was able to get the following results.

The website had over 9000 professionals signing up in the first two weeks of release, which was more than the target of the business. The number of site users was 21K, while the signups were 7K. Here is a breakdown of their platform’s performance in 3 months.


Professionals Registered on Portal


Users Registered on Portal


Average Monthly Traffic


App Downloads in a Month

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