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eCommerce Product Information Management System

The Business Needs

The technology business creates and improves systems to enable companies to make sense of the data and information they accumulate. They have many services and products that large companies from diverse industry verticals use.

Due to the complexity of managing product information, they were experiencing a downfall in their overall business performance and operational efficiency. This set encouraged me to develop a powerful and reliable software solution to resolve the issue. They wanted a full-scope solution to help them with everything related to product information management and regulation.

This encouraged them to look for an experienced and expert Drupal development company to hire Drupal developers for their project that can help them with:

  • Understand their challenges to create a fitting software solution.
  • Integrate their product and assets management for better efficiency.
  • Make it easier to search for products with smart search functionalities.
  • Resolve the challenges associated with uploading bulk products.
  • Improve the efficiency of assets management for the business.

About Project

AddWeb Large Industrial Data Company™.

It serves industrial organizations across the globe to take full advantage of the data they collect through intelligent solutions to access, connect, and visualize it. The company serves businesses from a plethora of business verticals ranging from oil and gas, power and utilities, factory automation, alternative energy, water and wastewater, and transportation. Also focuses on creating flexible solutions for businesses to enable quick and efficient edge intelligence, cloud connectivity, and asset management.

After the initial interactions with the client, we sat down with the client to understand their requirements in depth. As the interactions came to a closure, we realized that approaching the Drupal development project in a step-by-step manner is the best way to tackle the process as the demands are complex.

We discussed the details of the projects with the client, such as the features, the architecture, the development technology, etc. The client accepted most of our suggestions while they shared their preferences for the other ones. The further discussions we had helped us quickly finalize these elements as well.

As the project requirements became clearer and streamlined, what we needed was a reliable team that could deliver top-notch product information management system development. After evaluating the developers, we picked a team having profound experience with offering Drupal development services.


Team Members


Man Hours


Functionality Added


Client Calls

How our Drupal development team worked on the software and implemented the project successfully.

According to the insights that we have gathered through various means, we started working on the application. Our first task was to get the design right. For this, we considered the UI and UX of the application along with the system architecture and database design. The UI/UX took some time for development as we wanted to create an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the software. As the solution is going to be used to manage extensive products, we wanted the best UI for the same. We went back and forth a couple of times to get the client’s idea perfectly for the design. Once that’s done, we went ahead with the development stage. As we were following the agile methodology, we broke the process into small, manageable sprints for easy and efficient development.

We also worked on the features and security part of the solution simultaneously to make it more seamless with the solution. When the development process ended we also tested the solution for efficiency, performance, and security, which helped us address the lapses rather quickly. As the solution was dealing with customer information, we also ensured that the solution complies with all statutory requirements.

After a thorough demonstration of the software and its performance, the client was extremely happy with the same. However, they shared some feedback, which we quickly added to the software, and it was ready for deployment.

What We Did as a Drupal Development Company.

Here is what we have done for the software.

Assets Management

Our solution also makes it easier for the users to manage their assets using the application. It takes less time and effort to manage the assets of the users, enabling them to free up time that can be used for other purposes.

Product Data Syndication

The application enables the users to distribute the product data from one central repository to other channels. These channels may include websites, social media, databases, departments, etc., as per the user’s needs.

Embedded Link Feature

The software we developed also supports an embedded link feature which makes it easier for users to embed links.

Bulk Upload of Products

The business can upload products in bulk to reduce the time taken to upload the products. This is especially advantageous for businesses that have a huge product catalog and need to upload numerous products every day.

Product History

Access the product history using the software to understand how the product did and what metrics the products performed well and not.

Advance Search Functionality

The solution can be used to search for products using a variety of filters and features. This feature enables the users to find the right product in no time using advanced search facilities.

Product Category

The product category integrated into the solution’s feature enables users to add, revise, and remove product categories as they need. It makes asset and product management easier than ever before.

Product Management

The software makes it easy for businesses to manage their products. The product management capabilities are developed keeping in mind the varying needs of the business for efficient and timely management of products.

Clients Speak-Stories from our Clients

The client shared the following review for our Drupal development team after the delivery of the project.

“ We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. Working with your Drupal development team has been a delightful experience for us. Having collaborated with various AddWeb Solution best Drupal development companies, we can confidently say that your team stands out as the best. They thoroughly understood the requirements, maintained excellent communication, and promptly addressed our concerns or inquiries. The software is performing exceptionally well, and we highly recommend your Drupal development company to anyone needing to hire Drupal developers. Thank you for your work. ”

The client was able to experience the following results after using the software we developed for them.

The client’s overall product management time was reduced by over 37%, which was a huge win for the business. They could allocate this time to improve their service quality. The team also reported the errors in product upload also came down significantly. The advanced search facilities also helped the client improve their operational efficiency.


The efficiency of asset management grew.


Errors in product upload came down


Product upload time was cut down by half.


Reduction in time taken to manage their products.

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