AddWeb Solution creates an impressive, reliable, and powerful recruitment solution for EpicEdge Digital to find the right talent when needed. The solution focuses on shortening the hiring window, optimizing the process, and ensuring the selection of apt, talented employees.

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They wanted the solution to be highly responsive, intuitive, and admin-friendly, making recruitment easier and quick. The business wanted to get an app that could help them:

  • Ease their entire recruitment process and efforts.
  • Create recruitment spaces in the solution under their brand.
  • Post jobs, shortlist candidates, set interviews, manage CVs and staff, etc.
  • Screen applications and select or reject candidates.
  • Add new staff and send invites to access the system.

About EpicEdge Digital: EpicEdge Digital is a digital marketing agency in the Middle East serving clients worldwide, offering social media and digital marketing services. They deliver highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns fitting their clients’ audiences. They need expert talent from time to time, depending on their projects.

Although AddWeb Solution could easily understand the client’s challenges, as we have had these challenges before, we decided to explore the issue from the client’s perspective. The interactions proved value-adding as the client needs a robust platform with multiple capabilities to ease their recruitment process. They wanted to save time as their current selection process takes a lot of time with not great results. This helped us start researching for the project, which helped us understand the major concerns that the client faces, their requirements better, and the capabilities that the solution must have. We also integrated a contingency plan for the client into the project’s blueprint.

We then defined the project’s timeline, deliverables, and communication strategy. Our next move was to set up a team that consisted of expert developers, project strategists, UI and UX engineers, and recruitment application strategists.

Once we created a viable plan after taking in the clients’ inputs, our team quickly got to work.


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How AddWeb created an impressive recruitment solution.

Relying on the project execution strategy that we had developed, our recruitment app development team began working. The idea was to crack the UI and UX of the app first. For this, we also considered the candidates, recruiters, and staff requirements. This was rather challenging. However, as a recruitment app development company with years of experience in our kitty, we quickly cracked the code for the design. Our focus was on creating a design that was user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

Once the design was finalized, we moved to the development stage. Our extensive research at the planning stage gave a concrete idea of what the app must have regarding features, functionalities, and capabilities. Enabling the app to deliver excellent responses while making it easy to use was the core focus of the development.

At the end of the project, we developed a remarkable recruitment app that surprised the client with exceptional performance with the following unique capabilities:

App of subscription plan

The client could purchase the application as a SaaS on a subscription fee from AddWeb’s marketplace to meet their recruitment when needed.

Super Admin

The Super Admin manages the organizations that buy subscription plans and manages the organizations and the subscription price.

Organization panel

After buying a subscription, an organization can add their employees and staff to manage their recruitment per their requirements. The staff can get their own space and official IDs to manage their recruitment tasks.

We added the following features to the recruiter app to make it more helpful to the client:

Marketing Website

The app can be used with a marketing site where the client can purchase the subscription plan of their choice.

Organizational Panel

As per their subscription plan, businesses can access the organization panel, manage their staff and recruitment activities, and set targets.

Staff Panel

When an organization gives staff access to the panel, they gain access to the staff panel. It has everything they need to carry out various recruitment processes and manage the candidates applying for the position.

Super Admin

This is the most important aspect of the recruiter application we developed. It has all the access an admin needs to manage the app and its users on all tiers.

Post to Public Recruitment Platforms

The application allows users to post their recruitment requirements and job vacancies on leading job portals like Indeed, Monster, etc.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

It is easy to track the candidates and their applications using the in-built ATS capability of the app for easy candidate discovery.

Candidate Management

Recruiters can use the app to quickly manage the candidates, their CVs, profiles, and other information for quick search and data retrieval.

Google Calendar Integration

The app users can integrate their candidate interviews and other meetings into Google Calendar within the app itself to not miss anything.

After the project, this is how the client responded to us.

“ We have searched for a reliable and knowledgeable recruitment app development company for a few months. Although we had interacted with a few agencies in the field, their portfolio and project brief did not convince us. It was one of the clients that referred AddWeb to us. AddWeb’s extensive portfolio and case studies impressed us very much. We knew the team could help us; you never let us down. The application came out way better and more impressive than we had thought. All your team members were professional, and the account manager kept us in the loop. This was the best experience we had with a development company so far. Thank you for your work and dedication. We will spread the good words. ”

What was the client experience like after the app went live?

After using the experience, the client reduced their hiring time by a whopping 60%. They could find the right candidates for various projects in half the time they took before. This was cost-effective for the business as the candidate selection cost decreased by 43%.


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